Wearing Hat

Going back a little in time, it was in prehistory that the hat appeared and had a function to protect the head from the sun, cold and rain. And only men wore the accessory, the chiefs of the tribes, giving thread throughout history to the kings and their crowns, the priests wore the miter and the warriors had the helmet. In the Middle Ages, women were obliged to wear the hat to cover their hair, it was a requirement imposed by religion.

Some time ago the hat came back to our heads, and not only as a protective accessory, but also as an ornament to give a plus in the look. The models that are currently in high are the floppy , panama andfedora. Let’s see some use options for each type of fashion hat!

Panama Hat

The Panama hat has the short brim, is made of interwoven straw that really protects from the sun (the straw weft is tightly closed) and has a band around the hat. Range, even, that characterizes the style of the hat that can come with a slightly longer flap. It works for men and women and gives a special touch to the final look.

Fedora Hat

This type of hat is one of the most classic and traditional. It is traditionally made of felt, however, currently we find this hat in various fabrics and colors, as a chalk line, has the short flap that can be used folded on one side. It can also be found with an adorning band. It is a great option for winter.

Floppy Hat

This is the hat that brings wealth to the look. With broad flaps or medium well very soft, of more malleable fabrics. This hat model was adopted by hippies in the 1970s, worn along with really big glasses. It is most often found on the beaches and pools, but has ended up on the streets in the hottest season of the year.

Cloche Hat

Want to give that 1920s style look, opt for the cloché. This hat comes with a side flower. Looks gorgeous with classic looks, delivers a retro elegance that is trend, but also looks amazing in more fun and funky looks. Traditionally, it is made of felt, but today it can be found in lightweight materials, such as straw, to be used in the summer.