We Tested First Hand The Huawei Ascend D Quad XL

Many when they hear talk of Huawei They tell us that it is the first time you hear on behalf, others using accessories of the computer such as USB skewers and the best guarantee that they are known as one of the best making terminal of a lower range, something understandable because it is not a company that is dedicated to make the high end or spend large budgets in many marketing campaigns.

But as demonstrated with the launch of Ascend D Quad, they want to put all their efforts in the higher range to meet the most demanding consumers. A four inch phone rumors were repeated, and more coming from a company specialized in the middle range and the average low, but finally the presentation of February 26 and subsequent contact with the decision we must admit that the expectations have been met with growing.

The Huawei Ascend D Quad XL It is the first phone from high end of the company, and made his entrance through the front door with a terminal that very probably like looking to a terminal where the power is its main feature. It will feature a processor of Quad-Core 1.5 Ghz with 64-bit systems, fulfilling the expectations of many who go to try this brand for the first time.

In addition to such processing capacity will also be one of the best handsets for games thanks to your GPU, which will feature a whopping 16 cores, more than many of the terminals that are currently on the market. The great advantage which Huawei will have on the subject of mobile is that they themselves are the manufacturers of most systems operators installed to offer coverage, giving them a predominant position to provide a terminal with very good coverage.

Feeling when testing the terminal is the of own a small fully functional computer in the Palm of the hand with a simple but very effective design without embellishments or accessories several with a screen of 4.5 inches and resolution of 1280 x 720 and 32-bit graphics, resolution enough to squeeze media in high resolution. All this in a terminal that stands out by a thickness of 10.9mm, a very enviable finesse.

If there is a problem that might be noteworthy is that of the material of the shell, which will be plastic and does not transmit the best feeling of stiffness and they can bounce back more skeptical people. No doubt we are before one of the handsets that will give more to talk about and desmitificará to a large extent the myth that all that is Chinese is of poor quality. With these movements Huawei executives hope to reach 5th place vendors of smartphones by 2013 for a third place in 2016, figures not too difficult if you are betting strong on high-end

If someone wants to know details of price, they have not given an exact number, but the CEO of the mobile section has ensured that it will cost around 20% less of what mark competition, which leaves us something around €450, a figure very enviable for a terminal promising as little. In terms of availability, it will be wait at least until the third quarter to see it in Europe.

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