Wardrobe in the Various Stages of Life

With him you have a conflictual relationship of love and hate: you love it when everything is in order, you hate it when you do not know what to wear (and yet bursting with clothes, how is it possible?). You and your wardrobe for years you have not understood, then the thunder bolt! We retrace the various stages of the relationship of each girl with her wardrobe
14 years: it seems that in your closet is a bomb exploded. In the chaos should be a pair of combat boots with neon laces. But where they will be hunted? Ah, here they are: buried under a T-shirt mountain. The concept of “change of season” does not touch you the antechamber of the brain.

16 years: the turning point! It realizes that the wardrobe is a capital for your image. Beginning to catalog, hang, fold neatly all of your belongings. Organize a swap party with your girlfriends to get rid of that mini inguinal skin that never put more.

18 years: you salt the rut of basic items. Buy your first coat, your first dress. For your birthday I do to give your first Jimmy Choo. Your wardrobe will start to be worthy of the name.

21 years: the composition of your wardrobe is 80% more low cost items that you can not, 20% to scream accessories “borrowed” from the closet of your sister (without her noticing it) or from your roommates and never more returned.

24 years: invest your first paycheck in a branded bag. Replacements your old parka robboso a trench stilosissimo (both praised the credit card!). Throw away your old jeans. Ok, it does not enter more… It is all the more reason to do a little clean sweep in the closet. Keep in good memorabilia was the sentimental value and those that in a few decades could suddenly come back into style.

28 years: in your new apartment you choose to set up the hall as a wardrobe: the result does not resemble in any way to Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. Organize an expedition to Ikea and come back with a Pax, three bowls, an orchid and a host of scented candles.

31 years: go to live with him. The house is on a human scale. Man male, of course. Stipi all your little things in three out of four doors and you regret your old “shoe wall” created volumes piled colorful boxes, which took up an entire wall of your studio.