Walt Disney Clothing for Adults

Too serious, refrain! This summer, brands and creators decided to infuse lightness and second degree in our closets. Result?
Subliminal messages, printed regressive and colorful products to bring us bananas!

“Dream your life in color, this is the secret of happiness”: no, the sentence is not out of the mouth of a stylist Femme Actuelle. It is signed by Walt Disney himself, the king of entertainment in the US!

Never before Mickey had been so fashionable this summer. Everyone recovers its image: the creators as Castelbajac are dancing Mickey and Minnie on the catwalk. Supermarkets also puts it: the summer collection 2016 is full of Kiabi tops bearing the image of the famous mouse. Is that, for some time, The Walt Disney Company is expanding its territory beyond the toy to entice adults and fashionistas. The company now has an internal design studio to exploit this heritage with different brands. “We want to show the ability that we have to renew our Disney world and especially what energy it unites with brands,” says Helen Messenger, director Markets Fashion House and The Walt Disney Company France.

The trend benefits many other licenses cartoons: one sees resurface here and there images from Lion King, Snow White or PhilosophyNearby. Riding the nostalgic wave, we see reappear even the very retro Maya the Bee in ultra exclusive ray Colette – the Parisian concept store of choice! (also available via its eshop). Because, let’s face it, this popular imagery made ​​a real tobacco from a public fashion and trendy: “Paradoxically, this popular culture is today became some sort of snobbery. Top worn by hipsters, she was back on the front stage and continues to take the magnitude in different fields”, says Alexandra Jube, digital project manager at Nelly Rodi.
Please note that this mode is happy not as regressive. Like a snub to the gloom that marked the beginning of the year 2016, it is also highly colorful and full of positive messages. We can not count the number of tops printed overflowing with good feelings and “positive attitude”! It also no longer counts the number of kitsch limit accessories and fruity prints.
The summer of 2016 will be happy or pop. To convince you, take a look immediately to our 30 shots heart fashion and accessories of the season.