Wallets and Purses Made with Packets of Salt

I just found these products, at least unusual.They are handbags and wallets made with packets of saltiness.Great initiative from Pepsico, Walmart, TerraCycle and CooperAguia.

These products are being sold on the Walmart website.

The product description is as follows:

PepsiCo understands the need to protect the planet.Therefore, it has established a partnership with the company TerraCycle to generate a new destination for its used salt packs.In this value chain, Solidarium transforms the raw materials into beautiful products, which can be purchased by you here at the Walmart E-Solidario.

CooperAguia began its activities in 2006, with approximately 50 women being trained in sewing, with the support of two institutions that paid the place where the group met. Over time, most of the women gave up participating in the group, and the support of these institutions was canceled, and they were responsible for taking the group forward. As they did not have the support of other organizations, they went to work in the salon of a Catholic Church in the region and began to develop sewing outsourcing jobs, but always with the desire to have a product of their own. Currently the group has two production centers. The first is the outsourcing of sewing, mainly of shopping bags, and the second is the production of carpets (bathroom and kitchen sets) and American games. The group is located in Piraquara, in the neighborhood Jardim Tropical, and has the participation of 9 women, who since the beginning of the project have become professionalized, mainly in sewing.