Walking-the Best Tips

Hiking means to be in the plane or in the mountains up to 1,800 metres. That is different from the mountain hiking. Hiking is ideal for beginners.

So it goes

In principle always forward. Hiking or walking is the natural form of human locomotion. Therefore you need leave before not the doctor check unless you have health problems (especially with the cardio vascular system, the coordination or muscle) try it just out. The good news: A 70-kilo woman Burns around 750 calories during a three-hour hike. Here you can calculate your individual calorie consumption .

Applies at the rate of: you must be situated in a sweat, but not permanently in the puffing. It’s all in the green zone, if you still relaxed can converse with their neighbours. But make sure that you do not overload, and check your pulse. You stop short, count your pulse for 10 seconds and take the result, six. Rough rule of thumb: when hiking, your pulse rate should not exceed 180 minus life age. Take a short break after every hour of walking. So you do not overload your body.

Equipment / cost

While hiking, there is only a must-have: hiking boots. Here is one of quality. Choose shoes in stores that fit really well. Everyone else would hurt you on later tours. The sole should be slip-resistant and waterproof material. Shoes that are true, but must have a high weight range Fürs hiking. Might you eventually switch to hiking, it is advisable to buy hiking boots. They are heavy, so hikers have a better grip. Functional clothing, sticks, and breathable backpacks are pleasant, but not necessarily while hiking necessary. Make sure that fair weather and dressed in the layer system are. In the backpack insert sunscreen, your cell phone, food, at least a liter of water or Spritzer and possibly blister.

To get a basic equipment (hiking boots), from approximately 140 euro.

Tip on MedicineLearners: Before entering your walking shoes. Pros swear on hiking socks.

What else do you know?

Their walk should be well planned. You should consider the following:

Weather: the weather poses no danger when hiking. But it’s probably nicer for you not for hours to run through the rain. Therefore enquire beforehand. For example, under our site.

The site: Learn about the route. How is the level of difficulty of the route? A distinction is made between short tour (one day) or long-distance footpaths (several days). To enter with short tours, before you embark on a multi-day hike. By the way: there are short tours in cities. Careful times. An overview of the main hiking trails, visit our site under “Tours”. If you want to not only walk, but no contributors who join just a touring Association. You will find an overview of the clubs at: our site.

Children: Children need one thing above all: change. You love to explore nature. Therefore you choose quiet routes, where alternate ways. For the length of the route is regarded as a rule of thumb: children can as day distance maximum times 1.5 age in kilometres dared to be. You can take your little ones already from the kindergarten age.

Text: Bianka Echtermeyer photo: iStockphoto.com stand: September 2011