Vision in the Dark with Double Quality.

Avigilon has announced the launch of the bullet camera series that captures incredible detail in complete darkness thanks to its built-in IR illumination. Available to outdoor areas with 1 MP to 5 MP resolution models, Avigilon’s bullet cameras can see facial detail with twice the detail of conventional cameras.

“Having the ability to identify faces in the dark is a huge advantage to protect your business and protect people,” said Rick Ramsay, senior product manager at Avigilon.”Organizations around the world operate 24 hours a day.They need discrete surveillance in high resolution via deluxesurveillance, which provides intelligence and protection to operate efficiently, regardless of the time of day, “he said.

IR Lighting

The IR lighting adaptation automatically manages camera settings and infrared illumination to capture detail in surveillance images that are lost by cameras using static IR illumination. This unique feature also matches the scene lighting so security professionals can view image detail regardless of scene conditions. Wide Dynamic Range
The 1 MP to 3 MP HD bullet cameras are equipped with powerful high-capacity WDR sensors that expose each pixel multiple times to ensure the best image quality. This feature gives safety professionals the clear view of a whole scene, including areas that are illuminated or that are in darkness or shade.

Among the additional features of bullet cameras are two lens options: 3-9mm and 9-22mm, rated for temperatures between -40 ° C to 50 ° C / -40 ° F to 120 ° F, which allows the equipment to adapt and work in critical environments.

The fully motorized lens allows remote adjustment of focus and zoom, reducing installation time.In addition, an extra RJ 45 Ethernet connection under the camera assists in the installation of the camera.

Audio connections allow bidirectional communication and the input and output ports connect to external systems, such as an alarm.