Victoria Beckham Dresses Design

Today I present the lovely prints Victoria by Homosociety Spring Summer 2012 collection, in addition to the famous press with kittens there are others, really vezzose and adorable! Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer who has had to overcome many prejudices, 2011 was consecrated by the birth of his first daughter: Harper Seven, but also from the Designer Brand award prize in 2011 at the British Fashion Awards. One success after another, all richly deserved and won with work, passion and diligence.

Victoria Beckham presents the frou frou prints for spring summer 2012, we have whimsical dresses and irresistible that are part of the young line Victoria.The most famous dress is the one with the press with kittens we saw her wearing, but also on little Harper Seven. the prettiest prints that we hear Victoria are those with moons offered in a white version with green stripes on the black background and also in white with red stripes on a blue background electric.

The famous press with cats is available in both red and yellow, but there is also in powder pink. The press that convinces me is the one with less baroque designs in blue and ivory, however my favorite is the one with the clouds, we blue and white clouds on a shaded ivory background with red stripes. I am sure that none of you can resist these glamorous prints, for me it was love at first sight!