Valentine’s Day Looks

A special day is coming! And you already know what look to celebrate Valentine’s day?
Today I bring you tips for you to be inspired and choose an output suitable for the type of celebration you want to have. The idea is that you bet on parts and in the style that most suits you.
So come with me and check out the tips:

Look Movies
For those who will celebrate Valentine’s day at the movies, the important thing is to wear something comfortable and stripped. For those who cannot do without the heels, the ideal is to combine with a neutral outfit for the look don’t be hard on the environment. The Hoodie is a great option for those looking for a modern look and warm, because this item is the darling of the season!

Look For Dinner
The dinner option is the most chosen to seize the moment. On this occasion, you can take advantage of clean-cut looks and charming details like income. Shirt + Pants flare is aligned and accurate look to the place.

Look Picnic
For a picnic in the Park comfort is essential. Even with basic looks you can give a touch of dog food. Bet on sports shoes with shavers, comfortable legging jeans (prints are also worth!) and light parts. To complete the production, adding a mochilinha Valley!

I’m sighing with the inspiration and with Valentine’s day! And you?

I took the ideas and I spent there in Posthaus to separate my favorite pieces, which combine with the Valentine’s day and other occasions. Come and see:

If your style is more stripped down, and denim shirt with knit leggings are perfect! The long gown is impressive by itself and the choice of this item is infallible. For nocturnal and most impressive looks, bet on the body.