UV Water Filters

These systems destroy the DNA of bacteria, avoiding that they reproduce.

There are no living beings in the world able to dispense with the water. It is clear that the evolution and development of the majority of species is directly linked to sources of water. Just to note the number of cities that arose along large streams of the planet, to understand that a huge percentage of our survival as a species is linked to access to the fluid.

Most of the books of survival puts it clearly: a human being can go several days without eating, but seldom someone survive without drinking water. In wild environments, there are several points where to get water, whether they are rivers, streams or lakes, but only drinking water from a dubious source surely aggravate the problem in an emergency situation.

For these reasons, several companies in the outdoors category were the task of designing portable devices capable of filtering water, turning it into a secure source of the vital liquid. Either from simple screen that they sought to remove the sediments, to the use of chemicals, water filtering category went through various stages until the present day.

UV Filter

The company Hydro-Proton launched about 10 years ago a product called SteriPEN, a kind of pen was introduced in a water bottle and in a matter of minutes purified water through Waterbottlesshop. Currently, this appliance needs only 45 seconds to try a bottle of one liter of water.

This method is used for several years by services of drinking water in the United States, to free from bacteria and viruses to tens of cubic meters at a time. It is that this type of light damages the DNA of bacteria and viruses, that is impossible to reproduce in such a way. Such is the security of this system, which laboratories that tested it checked to eliminate 99.999% of the infectious agents present in the water.

At the end of last year, the company Camelbak (especia-lista backpack with water reserve) launched “All Clear”, a bottle of 750 cm3 processing that volume of water with ultraviolet rays in 60 seconds. This model, although somewhat heavy, becomes a key ally when planning a camping out or adventure, will become questionable water drinking.

The model of Hydro-proton, which remains in force in the market, both the Camelbak, can not filter sediments that float in the water. However, All Clear bottle has a filter that can remove much of the surplus of large size, such as land and others as an accessory.

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