Using the Commands by Voice of the iPhone

However, all documentation about these commands is only present in the on-line manual for the iPhone, which for a vast majority are large unknown who only is usually accessed in an exercise of “trial and error”. Apple designed the interface in such a way that the system advises you commands that pass quickly from right to left across the screen, in a nice but little useful effect in practice. In addition, information that prepares us for Apple in the manual is not entirely complete, so steps you can access to all official Apple commands and any more than they have been discovered. One more point, the following list of commands to use on the iPhone Voice Control are valid itself for the iPod touch.

Commands to call:-call a contact: “call”, “dial” and then the name of the contact. If there are more a phone number, you can add “home” or “mobile”, as we introduced in our agenda. We can also call a contact simply saying their name. If the iPhone is a single result, called directly. If you find multiple contacts with the same name, it will read which are called equal so we specify that we want to, simply saying the full name as you read it. -Facetime to a contact: “FaceTime”, “VideoCall” and then the name of the contact. If there are more a phone number, you can add “home” or “mobile”, as we introduced in our agenda. -Dial a number: “call”, “dial” and then the number in digits.

Music commands:-control music playback: “Play” or “playing music”. To pause playback, “pause” or “pause music”. To move forward song, “next song”, “next track”, to go back, “previous song”, “previous track”. To activate random play on the current listening, “random”, “mixture”, “messy”. -Play an album, artist or playlist: “Play album”, “Play artist” or “Play list”, “select songs from” and then the name. To apply the random effect to list, “random”, “mixture”, “messy”. -Information than it sounds: “That sound?”, “Which song is this?”, “Who sings this song?”, “whose is this song?” – using Genius to play similar songs: “Genius”, “Play more songs so” or “Play more songs like this”, “songs like this”. -Select more songs of the artist or the album: many times to enter the random mode or preview a list, for example, find a song by an artist or group that we like, and we want to continue playback by specific artist or album. To do this: “Play the singer”, “Play album”.

Other Control by voice commands:-know the current time: “What time is?”, “Hour”, – cancel “Voice Control” or commands: ‘Cancel’, ‘Stop’, ‘No’. -Information record “Voice Control”: “Help”.

Remember that there may be similar commands that can do the same, as in the cases of “random”, “mixture” or “messy”, whose result is identical. It is also interesting to note that we can use the voice Control with any control system Bluetooth as cell phone accessories which we use on the iPhone, for example while we drive.