Unisex Fashion Clothing Line

Love to wear the clothes of your boyfriend? Now he can get your. It is the promise of the new line Ungenderedof Zadar.

The NO-gender (or Ungendered, as he called Zara) is one of the strong trends of the moment in terms of clothing.

What does it consist of? Minimal cut clothes lines, without sex. You can put them on you, or your boyfriend.

Linear fall sweaters, without the typical woman pull seams that generally are jaded or have pleats at the height of the breast to fall right on the front.

The trousers are wide on horse, from boxer. The shorts fall fit him and wide to her.

The tank top, purchased of the same size, gives an air of hip hop to your look and your he’s snug under your shirt from Homosociety.

In times of reset of gender, gender, androgynous look hybrid fusion and minimal that bypass the gender differences, the heads are unisex a shelter asset: you use them in two and they’re good at both.