Twitter Buy TweetDeck for a Few Million

The speculation comes to an end. Twitter finally acquired the company behind TweetDeck, an interesting Twitter client for multiple platforms. The deal revolves around 40 to 50 million dollars, said the site CNN Money. None of the companies involved commented on the matter so far.

With the purchase of TweetDeck, increase expectations for the Twitter launch an official application microblog for Windows. Long time the service has an official client within the Mac OS X, but nothing to repeat the dose in the windows system. As in the case of TweetDeck, Twitter for Mac only became viable after the Twitter Inc. bought the Tweetie application.

What would you like to see a Twitter application for Windows? Overall, I just make one request: that does not depend on Adobe Air technology, which is traditionally slow and buggy (at least in my use). Ideally, for me, it is something native Windows without relying on frameworks and the like.

According to CNN Money, the deal will involve cash and share exchange between the two companies.