Trendy Sweaters: They’ll Parade and Warm!

Tropical temperatures close to us, although the days of waiting, but it’s certainly not a reason to postpone summer pieces. Just take a light sweater, which will suit us and warm us. In combination with summer dresses and shorts will look great!

Buys a light sweater in trendy colors definitely not regret. In summer you will come in handy when the temperature is too high not scale, or on cooler summer evenings. In autumn and winter you will appreciate it as a great partner under a blazer, jacket or coat. Sweater is simply required all year round.

According to figures

Women slim figure will have no problem with taking a sweater, because they will suit any color and cut. Conversely, women with more pronounced curves and a few extra pounds could during the selection of “the right” quite sweaty. They must think that lightweight sweaters usually uncover all the imperfections.

If you belong to the second group, go for pieces with deeper “Paradisdachat” necklines and remember that wherever sweater ends is clamped attention. For wider hips is an ideal sweater that ends above them, not directly at hip level.

Crayons ride

If the Council follows fashion trends, definitely take a sweater in pastel shades. Most’s hot pink, green, purple and blue. These cream color suits both lighter type and darker. Fear not, nor playful prints, polka dots and stripes. For tightening outfit to perfection add color matched sweater necklace, or you decorate your hair flower accessory.