Trends in Winter Bags

Are you looking for a discreet and elegant bag for a formal occasion?… do you prefer one more practical urban style for every day? Either way, here are a few tips if you have to renew your bags of winter.

Bowling bags

Occasionally, to refer to different types of bags, are often employ words coming from English. As for example “bowling bag” (would be the equivalent of saying “Bowling bag”). Bowlers need a kind of special bag which carry the bowling. Designers such as Prada or Marc Jacobs bags, have been inspired by them to carry to the catwalks bags which are setting trends this season.

Cylindrical and rounded shape is very comfortable because Gets a grand opening, is wide and shallow. You’ll find it convenient to locate things inside and not have to put hand to the shoulder to find that Profiler of eyes that has been lost in the background.

Bowling bag is comfortable, practical and is used both for daily and evening dress, according to baglib.

Bowling bag is the star of the season. If you are also padded or carries a motif of alligator, you are the last. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bimba and Lola… have opted for this style for this winter.

“Maxi” bags

Who don’t you ever wonder “… it is necessary to take all that in the bag?” And your answer has been a resounding Yes. Sometimes we carry both bag that looks like it will explode. As well, we’re lucky!, this winter are the bags “maxi” size and bulky appearance.

Large handbags never go out of fashion and are both in summer and in winter, that Yes, materials, shapes and colorful change from one season to another.

They are ideal for those women who spend most of the day outside the home and take his life in the bag. Due to its size it is worth everything. And if you also have various departments where able to classify everything, even better.

Hollywood women like Jennifer López or Kate Moss often wear maxi bags, being one of his favorite model Miu Miu (Louis Vuitton).

We can find Maxi bags in many different formats, being the retro-inspired those who triumph over this season. Vintage style winter bags are all the rage.

Clutch handbags or handbags

The word clutch “(clutch handbag”) is another example of English word to refer to a purse or wallet. Clutch means “grab”, “hold” and it makes sense because this kind of bags tend to be carried in the hand.

Clutch handbags are very popular. They are available in different shapes and sizes, however, one of the most common formats are the skin envelope-shaped clutch, which may vary from the “mini” size until the “maxi”.

We can also find the “clutch type jewel” that are rigid and often go metallic colours and details of rhinestones or sequins. They also are very popular the clutch bearing hair long or the punk estily rivets.

The “mini clutch” are bags suitable for formal occasions they are discrete and elegant. The “maxi clutch” are more suited for everyday use because they combine with any look, are very comfortable to wear and are practical.

Satchel handbags

Satchel bags They are usually associated with the typical image of collegiate bag. They often wear shoulder bag handle to hang from the shoulder or that crosses the body diagonally and hand grip.

We can find them in a wide range of colours and materials. Some manufacturers, in order to maintain its essence and its appearance retro have sewn on the front, a small window where supposedly, is placed the the student card indicating your name, surname, course, address…

Long handle or shoulder bags handbags

Shoulder bags have a long strap that crosses from side to side body and rests at the waist level. It is the perfect bag for comfort because us allows for hands and arms free. At times, can also take two handles to carry them hand or hung from the shoulder.

Does that seem a shoulder bag with skulls or rivets to give you a punk look? or a shoulder bag of collegiate style skin to get a more casual air, or a shoulder bag with patchword retro style detail… If you’re daring try colors toned fluorine as yellow, green, Fuchsia or orange which are also fashionable this winter.


Actors colors this season autumn / winter 2012 are the green bottle, blue oil or electric, Burgundy, purple, palette of red, camel, burnt Orange, black, Brown and grey.

Also the trend continues in fluorescent colors: yellow, Orange, Fuchsia and green. To get the most out of your bag fluorine, pair it with neutral colors.


This season bags are combined with metallic accents (studs, rivets or strings), fringed, woven brocades, patchword and appliqués of beadwork.

Also take much color bags carrying the handles and corners combined in a different tone. For example we will see many bags Bordeaux, blacks, Greens… combined with Brown handles.


Textures with finished drapes (folds) and padded lozenge imposed this season. These finishes provide a bulky, overstuffed look and suggest that it is a warm and comfortable bag for the cold winter.

Skins with engravings of animals are very popular. The most noteworthy are the prints or prints of Leopard, snake and crocodile. We highlight the star in this season crocodile finish: model Birquin (Hermes).

One of the materials most used and to see more clothing stores, bags and accessories is long hair. It is used for handbags, belts, scarves, bracelets, coats, vests, boots… etc and is in colors vivid and cheerful as magenta, blue, range of reds, as well as the classics always black, gray and Brown. This “furry” Accessories fever is also known as “furry fashion”.

In any case, my advice is that if you are thinking about buying the perfect handbag for this season, trying to be true to your style and always looking for that touch of originality for a different, fun and modern look.

In this blog we will continue closely watching what are the trends of winter handbags. I will bring my advice, my experience and many photos. But I also would like you to participate and that sending your queries and comments.

I hope that you hit with your purchase and share with me your our!

Greetings to all