Trends: Casual Sneakers

Today, people are using sports footwear in the casual atmosphere. The trend is in full birth and now you can use your favorite sneakers not only when you exercise, but also as das a ride through the city.

Who would have thought that these sneakers look incredibly well with dresses or mini skirts? But here’s the thing: the sneakers are making a style statement this season.

Here ebizdir will tell you how to combine them with different looks:

Prints of Leopard and sneakers

Would you like to become a creator of trends? Then we have the perfect look for you. You can use some pants with Leopard prints, a few black sneakers and a bright fresh look bodice and trendy.

Sneakers with dresses

This was seemingly impossible until the times ultlimos and today you can definitely achieve a great look with sneakers and beautiful dresses. You can make your own style statement using a pearl necklace, a few white sneakers and a lavender dress.

Sneakers with jeans and skirts

The sneakers and jeans are made the one for the other, but the best way to wear the jeans is above the ankles. White trousers, a black blouse and a few sneakers will create a classic look of spring, the sneakers not exactly have to be a neutral color, in fact, there are colorful, bright sneakers with prints which can also be used with denim skirts.