Toy Tips for Children 2 to 4 Years

You know what are the toys that your child should have to be nurtured properly? To start Tempojunto, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. But after that I understood how the games are important for the development of children, I look with fresh eyes to the formation of the playroom of my house. Today I want to give tips on toy for children from 2 to 4 years.Indeed, the history of this post begins at Gabi Playgroundseries. In it I showed how to set up a play area for children from 6 to 12 months, including a list of recommended toys after much research and practice here at home. And also How to assemble a touring play area. This playground worked very well until Gabi start to crawl.

During the second year of your life, new acquisitions of playful objects were happening, like puzzles and musical instruments, until Gabi grew up and began to give meaning to the objects (I spoke about this in the post). From there it was very clear that I not only needed to find new uses for existing toys but also should make new acquisitions to the playroom of her. Here comes the question: what to buy?

I don’t know if you’ve read the interview we did with the pedagogue Danchilli Helena, have you read? She is an amazing lady who founded the first brinquetoca of Brazil, located in São Paulo. All her life was dedicated to this theme and nothing better than going straight to the source, more precisely in the book “Toy Library, a dip in the play”, to view the recommendations of appropriate toys for each age group.

There’s a phrase of her in the book that I think great: “the important thing is not to have a large number of toys, but a large number of playful experiences”. And what are the toys that make this diversity of experience?

According to Danchilli, the period of 2 to 4 years is called pré-conceitual because the child is not yet able to elaborate concepts. On the other hand, the verbal language develops enough at this stage, what does the child want to know the name of all. Here at home began to point the finger and say “what is that Mommy?” the time todoooo. I think a free!

The child of this phase if interested in books and for recognizing figures. She likes to play make-believe, always starting from the Repertoire of your everyday life (for example, to bathe the doll by following the same steps of her bath).

Because of this, the toys at Wholevehicles are recommended for this age group are:cloth books with pictures, telephone, cliques and kitchenware, household objects, dolls, masks, hats, puppets, costumes, capes, stuffed animals, to model, simple puzzles, drum, tambourine, trumpet, cars, trucks, trains and planes, folk and xylophone, huts and houses, bucket and dustpan, tricycle, material for SOAP bubble.

After seeing that the puppets were on the list, I came out of the closet puppets with Carol laaa on 6 months promotion with joy and I have been playing around with Gabi. Was a delight!

She named the animals, wanted to put in his hands and still came up with their own stories.

There’s even a little video to show the Gabi having fun (fofaaaa!).

If you want to make these puppets in the pictures, it is a product of Joy without battery that you can find on this link here.

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