Topshop Print Dress Kate Middleton

The Spring Summer 2012 Topshop is a riot of colors, styles, trends and prints, let us see what are the trends more interesting to have different looks and cool throughout the summer. Topshop is a British multinational famous and beloved by all women of the world, following all trends of the season and allows us to dress fashionably with prices cheap and affordable for everyone.

Topshop Spring / Summer 2012: Hawaiian prints

The Hawaiian prints in summer never missing, of course should be avoided but then, we know very well, we always fall for, we take overwhelmed by flowers, cheerful prints and bright colors and go home with our heads Hawaiian refugee!If you want to buy some nice clothes without draining your bank account, you can take a look at proposals for Topshop there are palm trees, orchids and flowers for everyone!

Topshop Spring / Summer 2012: pastel colors

The pastel colors we saw them a few days ago with the new collection of H & M inspired by Louis Vuitton, but obviously Topshop makes us his proposals, we have shinny jeans in candy pink, sky blue, mint green and lemon yellow and then pretty shorts striped white always in this sugary tones and frou frou .

Topshop Spring / Summer 2012: floral prints

The floral prints are a must in the summer, we have seen all summer collections of famous designers and fashion houses low cost, and now we present the delicious Heads of Topshop.

Tissue trousers, jeans and jumsuit but also t-shirts and seductive bustier top for those who want to have fun in the summer… and discover!

Topshop Spring / Summer 2012: tye dye prints

A trend that more and periodically returns to the fore is the print tie dye, these easy shabby chic shades and always have their charm! The leaders in tie dye you can also do at home by yourself using the t-shirt solid color and bleach, are beautiful, simple and inexpensive, perfect for the beach! Topshop offers us outfits, tops, T-shirts and pants from this fantasy, of course, is able to create very special effects in the home is difficult to achieve.

Topshop Spring / Summer 2012: ethnic prints

And finally unleashing the ethnic prints, a trend that in the summer is always very present in our look, both in clothes that the accessories. The English label Topshop presents the shoes ethno chic high-heeled but also beautiful jumsuit with short pants, perfect to wear in summer with tanned skin.