Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016

What are the fashion colors that will be worn next spring-summer and that cannot miss in your closet? Discover them in this article!
We are still in winter, but it does not really miss the spring and it’s time to organize our wardrobe!

As the change of the cabinets can still wait, cannot wait for the soul instead of fashionable that each of us possesses (also in percentage miserable).

For this we propose the list of colors that will be the trend for Spring-Summer 2016: it will be a season of fresh, soft colors, inspired by nature, with delicate tones.

The colors selected by Pantone, are ten; here they are:

1. Marsala

Marsala, winter color, also returns this spring, but darker.

It is a sensual and bold hue, yet elegant and sophisticated.

To enhance it to the maximum, choose to combine it with some gold accessory.

2. Scuba Blu

It is a turquoise intense reminiscent of the tropical waters, and this transmits lightness.

It is an energetic color and jaunty: ideal for those who want a fresh and young look!

3. Lucite Green

This color corresponds to the sage green and is very comfortable to blondes and red and in general to those who have a fair complexion who is able to give an ethereal touch.

It is a romantic and relaxing hue.

4. Classic Blue

The blue is always a color class, in particular in the classical variant of cobalt blue.

Given its classicism and versatility, it can be used for both outfits by day as in those evening, taking into account that always gives a touch of elegance.

5. Toasted Almond

For the most romantic, this shade is ideal: it is a brownish pinkish very versatile.

It can donate an air gentle to the wearer.

6. Strawberry Ice

This color is fine for those who have an olive complexion or tanned.

It is a coral pink that gives a youthful air to the wearer, but also able to give a touch of elegance.

7. Tangerine

For those who love being the center of attention, you must opt for this energetic color.

It’s a pastel orange flavor from the jaunty, ideal for younger people.

8. Custard

This tint is a mustard yellow delicate able to donate a relaxed air.

To make it stand out, pair it with dark accessories.

9. Aquamarine

A color that is combined with blue and green offered before: it is the blue sugar paper, a really fresh and tinted juvenile.

It’s perfect if you want to lighten the look.

10. Glacier Grey

This color, a silver-gray, is a classic that, being a neutral color, it can be combined with any other color.

It is a color class, which transmits relaxation.