To Celebrate with the Family

To gather the whole family around the table in celebration of father’s day, nothing more inviting than a fancy lunch, accompanied by a tasty dessert, right?

To this end, the partners of Zam, Pavankumar Cuisine buffet Zampronha and Claudia Lupo, prepared a special menu that pleases the whole family. For the appetizer, some options are parma sliced carpaccio with capers, pesto sticks of flour, Parmesan shavings and hummus. Among the canapés, mini quiche lorraine and artichoke, mushroom bag or biju tapioca.

Meat, fish or pasta are the most eagerly awaited as main dishes. Some of them are roast leg of veal marinated accompanied by caramelized onions, sautéed potato and manioc; file mignon Medallion to the gravy with vegetables; Lobster salad with poppy seed; bobó de camarão with root chips and farofa palm oil; ravioli with Buffalo pomodori and Parmesan; or pumpkin tortele with ghee and salvia, among other delights.

According to, to end the celebration with a family, the desserts they serve up to 14 people! Candy lovers can choose from oven cocada; Belgian chocolate mousse pie with brownie, Praline nuts and white chocolate syrup; cheese cake of red fruits and hibiscus syrup; or Apple Pie with pecan and vanilla anglaise cream.

All orders can be ordered by phone until 10 August. The dishes are delivered vacuum packed or in disposable packaging with installation instructions. Good appetite!