Tips to Match Earrings with Different Hair Lengths

Tips for matching earrings with different hair lengths: we have! The beauty blogger Bianca Andrade, known as “Mouth”, explains backstage at the home is how visual can be even more beautiful when combined in the right way. You have a big hair like Bianca? So, pay attention to the hint: “I like to use very large ring. As my hair is really long, is the kind of joke that’s gone.What I don’t like is when there is conflict between the accessories. For example, if I’m with a great earring, use other smaller accessory”.

And who has the hair short, which would be the ideal earring?”Would indicate the more delicate. Short hair needs a accessory that follow. If you use a very heavy earring is out of balance with the size of the hair, but there’s no rule. One has to use what you like. I would argue for short hair the most delicate earrings and long-up to give an elongated neck”, explains the blogger.

Bianca Andrade Teaches Step By Step Makeup To Look Seductive

And fringe? What looks better? “I like the fun earrings that are fashionable. Must snack, bananas, various. Bangs is superestiloso and blends well with these accessories,”says Bianca. But it’s not just in the earring that Mouth can help you. In choosing the look, a tip can make all the difference.”For those who have short hair, I think an outfit with the shoulder outside is amazing. Who already have big hair as I like wearing a ponytail with a shirt which leaves their backs showing. When I used Franklin, liked to put on t-shirts with fun phrases,”the brunette.

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