Tips on How to Combine Sneakers with Formal Looks

Tips on how you can combine sneakers with more formal clothes.

Sneakers at Whicheverhealth are more worn by women in day-to-day looks, but it is possible to combine footwear with a formal look. Because they are practical and comfortable, they leave the feet away from the stress of the jump shoes see some tips on how to combine sneakers with formal looks. The sneaker may be your wardrobe’s wild card. But if you still do not know how to combine.   The first warning is about shoe care . They should be clean, polished and in good condition. Already the style of the footwear will vary according to the event. If it is more formal and professional, the consultant recommends discretion:   bet on discreet colors and noble materials such as leather and satin. A night program accepts metallic applications, glitter and gemstones. Sneaker+pants tailoring+shirt+blazer. This combination goes very well both in the workplace and at events such as happy hours, dinners and cocktails. Just avoid if you have wide hips, as it will accentuate the volume of this region even more. An interesting look for workplaces that demand formality. It is important that the length ends just above the knee so as not to get too short at the time of sitting. Sneakers+Long Dress: This composition is ideal for tall women. Just pay attention to the hem of the dress. She should not be dragging on the floor. If you are short, avoid this look. Remember that elegance is also a matter of attitude and not just of shoes. Regardless of the shoes that women have on their feet, jumping or not, the way they behave and talk are essential. Irritation and bad mood can also influence: It is easier to be thin when you do not have a shoe hurting your foot, these were the tips of how to combine sneakers with formal looks.

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