Time Trend: Green

In this series of color themes in the watch world, we have now come up with a color that is perhaps a bit rarer – and it is likely that the so intensely is associated with one of the industry’s heavyweights; Green.

Most people know enough what referred to – it is, of course, Rolex, with its emerald-green signaturfärg as seen in advertisements, of the traders, as well as the packaging and accessories. The color has become so significant and expresses so clearly that it is Rolex it is about giveways and promotional products, where a secondary market where it rarely gets rates in class with the classic European lyxhusen on the sometimes hard-to-reach bags, scarves and other accessories that are given away to valued clients, dealers and other people linked to the mark. The green color is so intensely associated with Rolex that there basically just Tiffany’s turquoise and Red Cartier that can even compete. Of course not their Rolex signaturfärg is content to Accessories and knick-knacks; There are, of course, even into the details, especially during the last ten years.

In conjunction with the Submariners 50 anniversary in 2003 released the first model that really highlighted the green in a watch with the Submariner LV (for the Lunette Verte – green glasring) who also had the heavy-duty index and indicators (“Maxi”) that later appeared in several of the brand’s models. The Green Submarinern came back on the occasion of the launch of the new, updated models. stronger case and ceramic glasring where a regular serievariant with broken green plate was presented (and that of the Bell collective scoundrels received the nickname as “the Hulk” and “Kermit”) and also when the GMT-Master similarly updated came a gröntavlad variant, however, only in helguldsutförandet. After having been in mothballs for a long time also came the antimagnetiska Milgauss back for its fiftieth anniversary in 2007 as well as a white-like a svarttavlat performance – but also the so-called GV model (Glace Verte) which has a model, the company and most likely the entire industry unique, green glass.

Very Rolex? Yes, it will be with a company that is so dominant that it is – and no doubt when it comes to “own” the green color. Bitter rival Omega has more or less completely avoided the green theme, but recently became the official timekeeper for the PGA announced an Aqua Terra as a green accents in the form of minute-/sekundangivelser on the Board, second hand tip and Seamaster logo. The irony to create an official golf watch that are not going to play with (it’s both unpleasant and unhealthy) has not escaped klockentusiasterna …

According to WatchTutorials.org, companies above is far from being the first to use green as a concept in watches; the military has, of course, as we all know, a penchant for green (because it matches the nature so well) even though the recent years ‘ most imposing beige tones, which meant that, for example, the U.S. armed forces at the 60-and 70-century procured hundreds of thousands of simple wristwatch in green plastic soldiers manufactured by Benrus, among others, and Hamilton (and now re-launched under Ben rus name in Japan). As green but of considerably higher quality are the Autaviamodeller from the Heuer who got an early variant of PVD coating in olive green (and which also existed in a regattavariant), just as the compass Watches IWC Porsche Design and worked around the end of the the seventies. Same stuk, but thirty years later (and fortunately, with much higher quality on the surface …), Bell & Ross ‘ Military Ceramic “, where the brand’s characteristic fyrkantsboett with instrumentinspirerad plate made of green ceramics.

Also green, but perhaps more out of a style-than fuktionsperspektiv is the special version of Sinn Einsatzzeitmesser 1 which was developed for A Bathing Ape in the brand’s characteristic camouflagemönster (and now a given collector favorite in both German watch geeks and streetwearentusiaster). Even the gang at Hublot have launched fairly non-fältmässiga camouflageklockor in the form of Commando Bang (which is also available with matching, paved glasring), the totally green Big Bang All Green and not least the spexiga Big Bang Tutti Frutti in Apple green design. The watch that most would call the antithesis is Patek Philippe Worldtimer, a subtle and complicated watch in Platinum is magical in driven in their appearance. In a very limited special edition of Mecca has the Board been Islam’s green colour, which is also the Mecca entered with on the Board.

We who grew up in the eighties may recall with delight how the future looked then – it was the neon green (and the present was notoriously turquoise and pink …) laser and mysterious computer screens. This feeling for the future has many of the real high-end brands taken with her into their production as a romantic flashback to the old vanguard; When HYT designed its hydraulic clock (located at Nymans Ur in Stockholm) became the liquid of course angry green, as well as the numbers in The Grisogonos advanced digital-analog Meccanico dG and Urwerk: Beware futuristic timepieces.

Bell & Ross Military Ceramic

De Grisogono

Benrus Heuer Regatta

Hublot All Green

Hublot Commando Bang

Hublot Tutti Frutti

HYT IWC Compass

Omega Aqua Terra


Patek Philippe 5130

Rolex Milgauss

Rolex Submariner 116610LV

Sinn EZM-1 Bape

Urwerk UV-110