Three Tips on Choosing Toys

Baby shops overflowing with toys of all kinds.

Children are attracted by the packaging lumineuxet cargoes, be it music or book a fun buzz means parovozika.Sleznye and groans often lead to the fact that the parent agrees to satisfy the desire of her child.

But the next day, buying and strong light is in the corner, and the child is worn cubes occupied.

Why is this happening? 
Displacement interest marketing Intéressantbébé appearance toys, and already he begins to work on the parents. If you use the following tips for each trip to the store for a gift for your child, you can avoid the situation described above, as well as save you a pretty penny.
1. I prefer the versatility 
For example, a set of “kitchen” or “Ambulance” did not provide for various applications, and if a baby does not want to play often in the kitchen, or a doctor, it is likely that they will be in the corner.
But cubes of different shapes and colors, design, mosaic, or kewpie dolls, balls, trucks-allow the child to design a play space, and change its purpose at any time.
2. Take care of the absence of allergens 
Plush gather dust. Particularly important. If some of your favorite characters-a teddy bear, rabbit or an elephant, and the child often involved in the game, then there are problems. However, buying these stuffed animals will certainly be useless if it is done out of ignorance of the child’s needs.
3. Check the quality 
If there is an opportunity to touch the -how jouetshop. Any fragile will break. Check the wheels of cars, dolls and members read the material from which made stuffed animals.
With the right approach, your home will librede useless toys that are dust in the corner. A child will develop their imagination, creating a world free of stereotypes imposed by traders.