This Is Galaxy SIII, Already with Date of Departure?

A few days ago we published a small compendium of rumors that had come to light on the Galaxy SIII. That if had released the first images, or the first data on your screen and confirmation of its ceramic housing and entry into the production line.

As well, today have appeared on the network the first images of what could be the rendering of the Galaxy SIII, that you can see right up, from a user of reddit that would have gotten the images from the Agency Webber Shandick.

As you can see it’s a terminal (whether real or not) very stylized, not would have deleted that the central button and that, unlike his predecessors, he would have with a dedicated camera button. This button, who has tried to take pictures with large touch-screen smartphones, will know it doesn’t come you not bad, since it would allow a comfortable grip at the time of the decision.

But this image has not come alone, because that is accompanied by a possible date of presentation. Already said Samsung which would be “ in a particular event from Samsung in the first half of the year, close to the commercial availability of the product ”. Well, it seems that that event matches an event Samsung Unpacked, on 22 may in London. This is why Samsung focus the European in London campaign, since it will be in focus with the celebration of the Olympic Games.

Whether or not they are images and actual dates is something that we cannot confirm, because of the rumor-mill unleashed in the matter. Although it is true that they are the images more credible that have emerged to date, and personally I think that they have very good paint.