Things That Keep You Updated

Often our fashion director Paul Lapicca (aka Lapik) asked what can please a non-fashion-addict. Having said that, here are his answers and the coolest to be updated on the latest in fashio.

Marshall, the British brand that produces acoustic amplifiers since 1962, presents Major II Bluetooth wireless headphones model: last and innovative born from 50 years of experience. What about! Free from the wires ?

Church’s sneaker for Lady, with minimalist design but absolutely trendy leather look, perfect for any mettalizzata

Sneakers and responsible production, sustainable, environmentally friendly. From this green philosophy born Diadora Heritage Team CFP, first example of how the company in Caerano di San Marco has initiated a process of monitoring and quantification of carbon emissions. So much so that the CFP Team model has obtained prestigious certification by DNV GL, one of the leading certification bodies worldwide, attesting to compliance with environmental standards.

We are almost at the gates of spring and it’s time for music festivals. This is the feeling of freedom that the new campaign of Atos Lombardini would unleash.

Fireworks. Here is the new inspiration of Licia Mattioli collection playing with optical, flash colours and charms multicolor fires. Also here there is the call to art and specifically in Georges Seurat (1859-1891) which focuses on the strength of the colors, with the contrast of hue. Rings are created with colorful cobblestones: constellations of sparks in morganite and tourmaline, suspended in the blackness of Black diamonds, but also Fireworks created to strike the eye.

Tuesday 8 March on the occasion of international women’s day, OPSOBJECTS gives a flower to all women through the new “spot” campaign OPS FOR EVERY WOMAN. The brand has always been committed to women, in particular against gender violence due to its Foundation, which supports non-profit Rescue Rosa for several years for his psychological and legal assistance to victims of violence and for education and prevention in schools. OPSOBJECTS wanted to give a flower, albeit symbolic, every woman on the day dedicated to her, with the new OPS! DIAMONDS, as flexible as a rubber band and the original magnetic closure. Use the hashtag #ops for every woman for sharing pictures, messages and stories on social.

Sometimes it only takes them to an outstanding result: are the earrings. Mediterranean knows this well, but he also knows that a four-leaf clover brings good luck.

Electric blue, cobalt has deep and Oceanic and so on and so on and so forth … Whatever will be the color of the coming winter. You anticipate the times with this magnificent young sandal brand Racine Carrée and wear it ASAP

About Blue mascot and young talented brand, the edition is a Made in Italy that combines both concepts. Did you know that the crane, for the Chinese, it is a symbol of immortality and luck?

Animal are not clown! Pets are not clowns. Elizabeth Franchi takes the animals that are exploited in the circus. An act of goodness and love for animals: this is the message of the t-shirts that are available in stores and on the website of the brand: