Therefore, It Is Difficult to Take Moon Pictures with Your Phone

It was hard to take mobile pictures of super Moon? -You are not alone-that is why it is almost impossible.

Several places in Europe, many have probably set the alarm clock to get up in the night and see the phenomenon of “Bloody super Moon” — a phenomenon in which the Moon is very close to the Earth, while the Moon slips into the shadow of Earth.

The Moon was rustrød and with its large size, it was an obvious motive for photographers, and others who wanted to perpetuate the moment that does not occur again before the year 2033. 

More secure mobile pulled out of his pocket, and was trying to perpetuate the great moment, only to find out that it was incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to get the great Moon down on the small screen.

This is due to the fact that on most smartphones is a great wide angle on the lens, which, in turn, gets a great deal of the surrounding countryside with the pictures.

An attempt to zoom at the moon on a smartphone, the image will in most cases be grainy and blurred. This happens because in most smartphones is no optical zoom, but only a digital zoom, crop the image, without really to zoom.

Mashable has compiled a number of Instagrambrugeres efforts, to capture the perfect image of the blood red super moon with a cell phone. But as can be seen, it has been really difficult.

One of the users has, however, been a little more creative than most. RonGoff31 has put a telescope in front of its smartphone, and it has given him a slightly better result.