The Wedding Abbreviations

The abbreviation is a way to compress words by removing some of the lyrics. The acronym however, they are the initials of an expression or phrase. Both acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in Protocol and even some in our day to day, so I thought to make a compiled which surely we can be useful (perhaps some more than others).


In the case of indications in terms of attire in the invitations, are not treated properly or for abbreviations, or acronyms, however if a code that is worth knowing. I promise a post clothing label.
It is usually included at foot of page the meaning of sentences, however, and just in case, is never more know it:

  • Rigor label. As its name says it indicates obligation go label. Also, please only label.
  • Morning coat or uniform. Mandatory use morning coat or uniform.
  • Frac or uniform with medals. Same as above, you will have to use frac and decorations
  • Suplicada label. It is not obligatory, but it is advisable to go simple label (morning suit or tuxedo for the military uniform) Lords who have no dress can be used an elegant dark suit. The same labeling suplicada is “Please tag”.
  • Black tie. Indicates that the tuxedo is the garment of obligatory use. For ladies determines long dress or cocktail, according to time.
  • White tie. Frac specifies for the men and long gown for ladies, without exception.

The correspondence between the dress of the man and the woman are as follows:

Men Women
FRAC long dress
Each short dress
Tuxedo cocktail or evening dress
Costume dress cocktail or short

Then we see how the dress code at the recent wedding of the Prince of Wales was included.

The Wedding Abbreviations


Normally, they are usually written initials that explain the reason for shipment, usually when card accompanies invitations, gifts… these initial us are well known.
Maybe sound too traditional, but not at all they are obsolete. With emails, wassups and other forms of rapid communication have slightly lost the habit, but must know how to recognize the occasions that deserve a special detail such as a business card.
As you can see they are in French, and the “official language of the Protocol” is French:

P.C. Pour Condileances. To give a condolences, expressing condolences.
P.F. Pour Féliciter. To wish for something. It also comes Pour Fête.
P.F.C. Pour Faire Connaissance. To introduce, as a form of presentation.
P.F.N.A. Pour Féliciter à l’ occasion du Novel An. As the new year greeting.
P.M. Pour mémoire. To remember or confirm. Used in invitations where it has previously accepted the invitation.
P.P. Pour Presentation or Presenter. To arise.
P.P.C. Pour turns on frozen. To say goodbye.
P.R. Pour Remercier. To give thanks for something.


  • To. Highness
  • A. r.. Royal Highness
  • M. Majesty
  • S.M. His Majesty
  • NTP. Pontiff
  • P. Pope
  • arz. / arzbpo. Archbishop
  • Bishop Monsignor.
  • . / Obpo. Bishop
  • Pdte. President
  • D. Don
  • Mme / Mrs. Doña
  • Happened Eminence
  • Archbishop Eminentisimo
  • E.S. D. His Excellency Mr. Don
  • Exca. / Exc.ª Excellence
  • Excmo. His Excellency
  • I. / i. e / il / bar bar
  • Council / Hon. / llmo. Illustrious, honourable
  • M.I.S. Illustrious Sir
  • R. / Rev. / Rev. Reverend
  • Mr. to. Mr to.
  • Srs or SIRS. Lords (for ladies SARS).
  • Miss Miss.
  • Rvdmo. Most Reverend
  • LIC / Lic. / graduate graduate
  • gdo. / gd. Graduate

Abbreviations and acronyms in the writings. Thanks to Abbreviation Finder webmaster who has provided the following acronyms.

  • AFMO.: Afectisimo.
  • Attn.: carefully.
  • Acts or Atto.: Atento.
  • R.S.V.P: Please reply.
  • s.s.: Server security.
  • s.s.s.: your server security.
  • R.S.V.P.: Respose s’ s’il vous plaît (respond, please)
  • a.m. before noon. Before meridiem.
  • p.m after noon. Post meridiem.
  • d/f. Day date.
  • D.m. God willing.
  • v. View days.
  • ib. Ibid. Also ibid.
  • ID. Idem.
  • Ms. Manuscript.
  • N.B. Note well (Nota Bene).
  • p.a. authorization.
  • P.A. By absence. Both ways are correct, the previous and esta.p.p. Prepaid. Under a signature “by power,” Pral. main.
  • s.e.u.o. Except for error or omission.
  • VDO. Widower/a.


  • B.L.M. kisses hand
  • Q.B.S.M. who kisses your hand
  • D.M. God willing
  • R.I.P. Rest in peace
  • R.I.P. that you rest in peace
  • R.I.P. Resquiescat in pace (rest in peace)
  • S.M.B. in own hand
  • E.S.M.© in your hands
  • Q.E.S.M. he shakes his hand
  • R.D. Royal Decree
  • R.O. Royal order

This is not a subject that makes sigh, however you can do very well when we need to prepare a big event like a wedding or if we work on Protocol, any event that we organize with the presence of authorities or our simple every day.