The Total Look Black in the Social Male Costume

Out fully dressed in black does not require any type of care if your clothes are casual-except the usual, of course–but with social costumes is different, the “black hole of fashion”, as I’ve seen written in some places, can go from elegance to the disaster thanks to a few details that may seem insignificant, but consider them like that is a big mistake then meet some of them and bet on your talent to put together a beautiful combination:

Suit Of Cheap Stuff

Certainly that visual killer used by some Hollywood actor and that was shown on the exhaust on the websites and magazines of celebritiesdoes not include a polyester suit. Suits of noble fabrics reflect light differently and show your quality, valuing the set visually.

Mixture Of Textures Or Materials

In the photo above it is possible to note well the contrast between the tissue types that make up the suit beyond its textures, avoiding the look get high and deleted. But be careful, any exaggeration at this point can for everything, too much brightness, for example, could be a mistake.

Details Value Set

A handkerchief in his pocket, a skinny tie, a cufflink or even a t-shirt with fabric with microtextura can leave the visual cooler, but again, beware of exaggeration and pieces of questionable taste.