The Small Titanium

The HTC TyTN II enters in the Smart phone ranking far above – on the fourth rank, the Windows Mobile just missed precious metal.

HTC’s TyTN II, aka HTC Kaiser, occurs in large footsteps. He is the successor of the successful HTC TyTN, who long had in the form of the T-Mobile MDA Vario II held the leading position in the Smart phone ranking at Xonio.

The TyTN II can not repeat this success. The Smart phone with HSDPA phase II (up to 3.6 MBit/s), adjustable display, 3-megapixel camera shows more than just respectable performance-and a tip, not only for lovers of the operating system Windows Mobile 6 is in any case.

Facilities: Much In It

The TyTN II provides GSM Quadband, fast data transfer via mobile phone and Bluetooth stereo function. You do have only on the good old infrared interface.

Phone functions
The telephone functions, the TyTN II offers almost the complete program. GSM quadband voice dial, voice control, alarm clocks for different time zones and a powerful contact database are available. Text messages can be in the form of SMS, MMS and E-Mails with the TyTN comfortably II thanks to the full keyboard to write.

However, incoming messages (E-Mail, SMS, MMS) can be summarized not central. Each individual file format (SMS, MMS, email) must be separately called Outlook Mobile. The E-Mail program supports push email. Sounds and voices you can record with the TyTN and as a ringtone. Typically, also on the new Windows Mobile lacks 6: environment profiles, as well as the ability to create different user groups.

Data functions
In the data facilities, the TyTN throws II quite a bit in the pan. HSDPA (up to 3.6 MBit/s), EDGE and GPRS allows fast data transmission via mobile network. The integrated Opera browser can be used to surf the Internet easily and also pretty fast. The building of the complete Xonio website was done in about 15 seconds.Admittedly, DSL level is not but compared to other phones, but very quickly.

Coupled in the modem operating at the notebook reached the HTC Smartphone in the test average of 1.5 MBit/s, as a peak, we measured just over 2 MBit per second over the Vodafone network. Connection to other devices is the Smartphone via Bluetooth 2.0 (including A2DP Stereo profile), USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 g, max. 54 MBit/s) forth.

PDA / Multimedia: Office, GPS And Mega Pixels

In addition to plenty of Office power, his new TyTN HTC bought also a great deal of multimedia.

As a PDA, the TyTN benefits of Windows Mobile 6, which offers mobile Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reader. Word and Excel files can thus also edit and create. PowerPoint presentations and PDFs is read at least consider. You easily manage appointments, tasks and notes using the calendar function.

The PC can be used to match data via ActiveSync (Windows XP) or the Windows Mobile Center (Windows Vista). 1,000 contacts were transferred to good 2 minutes via USB. Via Bluetooth, the procedure took about 20 seconds longer. 174 MB of memory for their own content can be used at the factory. According to HTC TyTN II with an additional memory card in the House, which however does not came with our test device comes.

The TyTN II has built-in GPS receiver and has a trial version of TomTom 6 including a city map. Each additional maps must be paid extra. Tickets cost depending on the country, region, and country number from 99 to 129 euros in the TomTom shop.Special accessories for use in the car (car holders, car charger) is missing in the scope of delivery.

In a double-pack: the TyTN II has two cameras and two music player on board. Back on the unit an autofocus camera takes photos with 3 mega pixel and moving images in CIF-format (352 x 288 pixels). The images of the camera look although quite passable, leave something of sharpness towards the edges out but after (original pictures in the photo gallery). With the camera front you can make calls via video.

The Windows Media Player or HTC’s music Manager provides musical entertainment either. Both players represent ID3 tags, provide appropriate filters and play in the background of other applications. Both player sound but also over loudspeakers as well as via headset accessory quite quietly and do not allow for sound control.

Practice: Practical Thought Through

The TyTN II like Tidy with new ideas such as the tilting screen and the acting icon.

With less than 200 grams and dimensions of 112 x 59 x 21 mm, the TyTN II is a right one. For this they do without but also a pleasantly large screen and a full keyboard. Also the power cell of the TyTN II has decent muscles: almost four and a half hours held by the battery at full power.

The tidy-looking icon we already know from the HTC Touch: you can operate it with the fingers, using direct links he will lead you to the most important functions. You can create own shortcuts to frequently used applications. At the next menu level, however, end with the sticky keys is: each link from the main leads to typical Windows Mobile menus, which can be controlled via stylus.

The QWERTY keyboard has crisp pressure points, pleasantly responsive to inputs and can be operated with the thumb. Smart: Adjustable in the degree of additional display of the TyTN II is especially handy if the device just in front of you. So, it can be the TyTN II similar to easily operated like a notebook.

The touchscreen has 320 pixels with 240 times a sufficiently high resolution to sharpen fine details with images or documents. The touch screen–but slightly sluggish at input. Sometimes, we had to frequently repeat input until the command has been accepted.Also a new calibration of the display brought no improvement.

Also not without criticism, the TyTN II survived our acoustic testing. We noticed both the mobile and fixed a rather dull, unnatural sound. The built-in handsfree sound very tinny and thus impeded the intelligibility.

Conclusion: Emperor Without A Throne

The TyTN II offers rock-solid functionality with a dash of innovation. Fourth place in the Smartphones is the well-earned reward.

Almost the full Pack in the area Phone functionsand a convincing performance at the Data features: The TyTN II has done his homework and outstripped not only his predecessor, the T-Mobile Vario II. Especially successful, we found the good in the test Processing, the well-thought-out housing with adjustable angle display and the many possibilities for individualization of mobile phones.

There both powerful Business features as well as Multimedia applications as GPS receiver, 3-megapixel camera and music player into the TyTN II, he will appeal to a large target group.Less like sluggish-looking touchscreen and the moderate voice quality have us in the test of right. Currently you get the HTC TyTN II from about 620 euros without a contract in our price comparison (as of September 2007).

Are if you a true business experts, which currently offers what is feasible to Smartphone features and comes with also 3-megapixel camera, GPS receiver, and music player. Our current Smartphone champion should interest you. Nokia E90 Communicator currently offers the most complete facilities of all smartphones. To get the phone, currently from 740 euros without a contract in our price comparison (as of September 2007).