The SIII Galaxy Would Take a Screen to 1080 P, According to Rumors

Not even two days ago since I discussed the latest rumors that the Galaxy SIII would lead a 4.8 screen inch plate and a ceramic type. As well, today have appeared other hand of BGR that Galaxy SIII would lead to the best in terms of screens refers, how your predecessor did the SII.

Would be neither more nor less than a screen resolution 1080 p (1920 × 1080) in 16:9 format, the highest in the market in this kind of devices. This represents an increase of more than double the points regarding the 720 p that are appearing in other terminals as the Galaxy Nexus, or five times regarding the Galaxy SII.

To move around this number of points, of course, does lack a enormous power, that it would come from the hand of an Exynos, manufactured by the own Samsung quadcore processor.

This would be a density of pixels around 450ppi (pixels per inch), even higher than the iPhone, taking also into account that it is not equivalent to one density to another, by the number of sub-pixels in each screen.

This is why the issue is directly between a 1080 p Super Amoled display, or a Super Amoled Plus display 720 p (the Galaxy Nexus is Super Amoled), since one has 2 sub-pixels per pixel and another 3. What would already be a full nonsense is a 1080 p Super Amoled Plus display, though who knows at that eventually these rumors.