The Right Underwear for Every Body Type

You know all types of panties? Do you know which model can Let even more beautiful? Always wants to help you choose the perfect lingerie for your body. Check out!

Well, Hello there:is on the rise and is a delight to use. Is a large side with panties and that covers almost the entire butt, leaving just the bottom out. The Lacy are beautiful and fall very well for those who are overweight or have big hip.

Bikini:very practical and popular because it wears very well in all body types, even for those who are a little overweight or have larger hip. Is a lateral average underwear with lower waist and back more well-behaved.

Thong:Has the narrowest side is little one on the back, forming a diagonal that values the butt. Wears well in most women. Great to give impression that the hip is greater.

String:Has the thin side as a tape and, most often, is also adjustable. The back can be tanga or thong style. Great for adding value to the hip, but it’s not recommended for those who have love handles, because the thin side can score.

Floss:is a small panties in front, with only a cartoon on the back. Is best for those who are up to date with the Academy and usually not branded under clothes. Choice brand clothes and works very well in all body types are seamless panties, laser-cut.

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