The Right Bike For Every Cyclist

In a time of increasing environmental awareness is cycling back the increase. That’s good, because the bike is not only a 100% emission-free transportation, but also an accessible business coach that keeps the body healthy.

Two wheels, three possibilities

You could almost get everywhere by bike. But depending on the terrain and the technology we discern, but three different models of sports bikes:

  • City bike
  • The racing bike
  • Terrain

City bike or hybrid bike

City bike or hybrid bike for asphalt roads, gravel roads or paved forest roads suitable. Design points already clear that a city bike must be practical and comfortable. For this reason, the handlebars and the saddle is placed relatively high. In addition, such a hybrid bike is usually equipped with a luggage rack and a bike basket or bags to homes in small purchases and personal things.

The racing bike

Road bike is a pure sport bike, which is only used for long distances on paved roads or trails. In a bicycle or bicycle races such as the famous Tour de France racer bikes are only allowed. The design must meet two requirements: speed and long-term load. To achieve this is the way the bike very slim and light, thin and hardly have a relatively low-profile band and the driver is on the downward curved handles.


With this companion you can move into virgin terrain of Rocky or muddy forest roads on the beach, in the mountains or across the fields. The bike must be very stable and can absorb all the shock well, hence the heavy frame and wide, knobbly tyres.

The benefits of cycling

  • Calorie consumption increases. The body burns off at normal speed 300-600. At a faster rate and with 500-600 calories per hour. After about 30 minutes of exercise is also mobilize fat stores.
  • Cycling helps to prevent cardiovascular disease. The classic endurance strengthens heart muscle in a nice way, ventilates the lungs and promotes the oxygenation of the muscles. This applies only if you ride regularly at a moderate pace.
  • The risk of injury is reduced. On a cycle that the body does not need to carry its own weight. That is why the sport is ideal for people with obesity, joint problems or for patients recovering from injury and limited sports undertakings.
  • Cycling is as all-round sporting a slim figure. Who trample strengthens calf muscles, thighs and buttocks. While the torso, arms, trained lower back and abdominal muscles. Also support it on the steering wheel must reinforce a positive effect on the figure because it helps the intercostal muscles.
  • Slow down! Cycling relax: you avoid the daily traffic jam, in the fresh air and save both time and money. In addition, one in a good mood: your body will reward the effort with the release of endorphins, the happiness hormone called!

Disadvantages of bikes

  • There is always a risk of accidents. To ensure safety, it is wise to install bike lights from eBicycleLights. Whether you come on a dirt road or in the city, the risk of a fall or collision cannot be underestimated.
  • Education level varies. In other words, can vary depending on the effort from light to very heavy.Who extended the period biked have or have had a history of heart problems, must observe for the hilly terrain.
  • With a bad attitude back problems are inevitable. If the effort is uneven, your hips will have to pay for it; And saddle poor contact can also lead to unpleasant back pain.
  • Smog alerts: If the air is reaching peak values, a cyclist notice it first. It is not comfortable or healthy if the nose is surrounded by a huge cloud of exhaust.

Tips for cyclists

  • Plan your route carefully before you leave, especially with a ride on a mountain bike. Question about the State of the roads, the height, the length of the trip… and especially the weather.
  • Share your forces well and do not hesitate to change the acceleration of each ramp. For this is a switching system that is designed. Even if you feel a slight increase in low gear to kick in a bit of a vacuum. This allows you to gather strength for the rest of the trail! Make sure the effort is distributed throughout the body. In normal Dutch: Tighten your abdominal muscles and twist your upper body to get through more easily.
  • Buy a good equipment. Select a bike shop or a sport bike that is suitable for the intended use. The seller may also explain how you can customize your bike to your body. It is very important to know when cycling at ease and made an effort to exclude from the beginning.
  • Always wear a helmet. It is highly recommended and can save your life in a case.