The Most Creative Fashion Designer

It arrives on time like every year the appointment with the White. By September 2015 the exhibition fashion presented more than 500 designers and brands from around the world. We made a selection of the coolest creations.

We stayed at the White, in full Tortona Fashion District, the fashion hub of Milan, who in recent days, more than ever was the world capital of fashion business. We have had first hand experience, observed and studied the more than 500 brands arrived from every corner of the globe. Here is a first selection of designers that more than others have shown an international appeal and an easily recognizable mood. The woman is sexy, the more natural fibers, the nerve intact, the cosmopolitan vision.

Almaz – Romania

A brand that comes from Romania, which bears the signature of Andra Olaru and who travels the world: just finished White flew to Paris to take part in the Tranoï. It’s cutting-edge luxury, are drawings that come to life by contrasts; it is cleverly mixed art in those artisanal values ​​that make each creation unique. It is a style that is unmistakable, it is the contemporary holding firmly rooted in a past that you do research. In the Spring / Summer 2016 will find feathers, fringe, leather, vintage lace, tribal pattern over leggings, jeans and dresses. There is tangible, yet, the game of contrasts and that romantic aftertaste that deconstructs without destroying. Must have the biker jackets in a bohemian style.

Balossa – Lithuania

The wonder of those newborn knows already walk the path to success. The brand launched at the White in the February this year received an important award: the award Inside White assigned from the Preview maison designer Izumi Ogino. We speak of a classic brand that never goes out of style: the shirt, strictly signed by the Lithuanian designer Indra Kaffemanaite, art director of the brand. It is a versatile garment that still rediscovers an elegant time in its simplicity, but no less whimsical. It is the classic that is trendy, looking ahead and hand, even in this case, the best that the past memories. In the Spring / Summer 2016 leaves room for games of volumes, daring details, modern lines and graphics that appear carved on the woman who will wear that shirt. They are 26 in all models of the new collection, sometimes asymmetrical, draped and ruched at times, never predictable. Do not be surprised to see a sleeve which makes belt, or collar in his pocket.

5Prewiu – Sweden / Italy

The signing of Swedish designer Emeli Martensson, who lived several years in Italy before establishing his brand that was born in Rome in 2008 with the printed t-shirts have become iconic within a very short time. A triumph of large letters, blacks, t-shirt of white cotton made in Italy: on the whole a final punk rock style, with minimalist features, decidedly sober, tailoring course. An industrial designer who rediscovers even before graphic designer and illustrator in the end. The brand grew in the meantime as a result and importance has shifted its logistics base in Stockholm. The inspiration for the collection presented at White comes from the 70s and wants to dress a rebellious teen, growing and aware of her femininity.

For Love & Lemons – United States

Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall are the creative minds that lie behind this American brand that took its first steps in the city of Jackson, the capital of Mississippi. Clothing, origin, for all hours of the day but also lingerie and lots of knitwear taking shape today in the headquarters based in Los Angeles. A clearly recognizable style full of lace and embroidery, able to hide, but not too much, revealing gradually the sex appeal that lurks behind every self-respecting woman. Garments designed to impress born to two women who did their style a common denominator and that have proven capable of conquering the world.

Ultrachic – Italy

They are very Italian, they play with prints, with jacquard and embroidery. They put a pinch of art, irony that never hurts, the desire to always put a little in the game and lead around his boot a style that carries the flavor of our culture. In the Spring / Summer 2016 inspired by a trip to Tuscany, space to noble fabrics such as silk, viscose, cashmere but also cotton, a must for versatility and practicality. To make special brand a stake, which becomes unique: the limited edition production of each piece, produced in no more than 99 pieces. In Milan, recently, he has opened in the central Via Marvel, the first flagship store, yet another tick on the map, after the more than 150 top shop achieved around the world: the store comes to life in what was formerly one of the historic Milanese libraries. Commingling and suggestions in its purest form.

Becksöndergaard – Copenhagen

Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard are the souls of the Danish brand created in 2003, as a line of handmade accessories in eel skin, then still a rarity. The statement in the landscape of Scandinavian fashion comes from there and soon thanks to the iconic Granny Purse, a little bag eel, soft, ultra-feminine and with snap closure skin. Since then, things have changed and the basic accessories are scarves are added, with hand-made drawings, jewelry, handbags, belts. Over the years, stores have become over 1600 with a strong presence in Europe, Japan and the United States and all thanks to the eccentric touch of these two women, a mark that is clearly evident from the color choices, the collages full of color made of wool, silks, cottons. In the Spring / Summer 2016 we find the spirit of Marrakech 70s, in the footsteps of Yves Saint Lauren, the warm colors and tones of burnt terracorra, tangerine and apricot.

Denham The Jeanmaker – Amsterdam

It is Jason Denham, a leading expert of the denim segment internationally to give birth in 2008 to this brand in its iconic leader par excellence, the jeans, he poured the best ideas and the most careful search in new washes, often going to ask their advice in Italian laboratories, so envied around the world for their precision tailoring. In all, 18 single-brand opened in the meantime around the world, including those in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Sydney and Tokyo, in addition to the more than 400 stores around the world. The Spring / Summer 2016 is influenced that the designer received by the Colombian Juan Manuel Gomez, and even here the inspiration comes from the 70s, all adapted to natural fibers in full compliance with environmental sustainability.