The Maxi’s Most Beloved by Bloggers Earrings

The maxi earrings can be found of various kinds:gold, silver, bronze, bathed, veneer, with Rosemary-lime gold or rhodium, with beads, feathers, wood and other materials, are endless possibilities of combination in the accessory itself, so that every woman can adopt the style that you like most and to which combine within the your production.

The cool of this trend is that you don’t have to worry about putting a lot, because only the earring fills. Usually they are large, with movement, color, and style. In Frances Jewelry you will find an amazing collection of maxi earrings with warranty and fair price.

How to use the Maxi earring?

The most important tip is: in no way complement with necklaces and chokers. The Maxi Earring, by itself, is an accessory that calls a lot of attention.

If you’re going to use a hair stuck to one side, opt for models that are loners, IE: use maxi play only one side (the side where you have less hair).

What kind of clothes I can wear the Maxi earring?

You can use with any style, but the more free are the shoulders and the neck, more beautiful visual is. In any case, use the maxi accessory for improving (and) a super basic, is more than recommended. Maxi earrings look great with white or black baby look, smooth camisetinhas and black dresses!

Maxi Earrings need not be Maxi!

It is very important to test the weight of maxi earrings according to the occasion, with the time you want to use them and consider the attachment material. Avoid using them in occasions where you will play with animals or children on your lap. One of the advantages of maxi Francisca earrings jewelry, is that most of them are light and have to die a little larger than the most commonly used. All this to give comfort to those who use our semi jewelry.