The Led Lights

Have you irritated ever on a newly purchased LED lamp, which may be not quiet when the lights? It hums, buzzes, buzzes or buzzes? Not an isolated case – this can happen to you especially with dimmable models. Therefore, less price or brand of light play a role, but rather randomly occurring conditions on site and their influences on the ballast.

The exposed drivers of a “Superstar” OSRAM-GU10 LED spots. And right in the middle of two transformers that could stand out through audible resonances. Right, because of the better insight I’ve removed the outer metal and plastic shield at the large transformer.

Lately are dimmable with me from time to time led“Retrofit”lamps landed, where at the test unpleasant noises there – partly by the dimmer, more frequently from the lamp itself.It sounded such a 5 Watt powerful OSRAM-GU10-“superstar advanced” spot as:

Surrender OSRAM “Superstar”-LED spot

In quiet environment this 100-Hertz-“Buzz” was heard two metres in about, when connecting directly to a switched circuit without dimming at most a few centimeters distance. It was similar to no cheap goods with other tested models about OSRAM andLEDON – all. Some low-cost, non-dimmable “no name”discounters, however, remained-lamps in my short tests completely still. Sounds paradoxical, but with scrutiny but make sense. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Most of the time I return “flashy” free test lamps at my expense for the purpose of verifying the manufacturer/dealer. If it is stupid, the lamp is off then goodbye, Porto also and I’m a real business of loss of with a blog test. Often I get to then subsequently heard that the noise perceived by me with the provider are not reproducible. That happened as to you as a “normal” LED-shop customers?

Doubly annoying: As you look forward, there are fluorescent tubes, for example, to loudly brummenden an energy-efficient alternative, pay a regular chunk without a murmur for your light source more than once… and have still no peace in the booth.What is it? In the search for traces, more evidence could arise:

  • Their buzzing LED light behaves in the House next door acoustically completely unobtrusive.
  • Their brand new dimmable LED-spot not flickers at the dimming and can be regulated continuously from very light to very dark – in contrast to the previous model.
  • Her older spot buzzes curiously in the same electrical circuit not flickers but in some dimmer settingsand may cause slight electromagnetic interference.
  • The new Dimmable LED of luxury with E27 standard socket and about 1000 lumenmosert loudly about at least half of the standard dimmer models. She can be but otherwise easily and flicker-free.

Basic incompatibility

The fundamental problem is the way of working of the traditional household dimmer. You get along wonderfully with incandescent and halogen lamps, but should meet for special conditions of LEDs and still make the driver facing fierce challenges. With always more complicated circuits, the developers try to alleviate this fundamental incompatibility – with varying degrees of success.

Usually the acoustically inconspicuous part of LED spots: the circuit board in the lamp head – here’s a 5-Watt OSRAM-“Superstar” with rectifier diode, two resistors, three capacitors, and three LED chips.

As a LEDON development engineer in a blog comment times told us, there are conditional short peak – both the dimmer and the lamp through the operation of the dimmer. These tips are 100 times per second (frequency 100 Hertz) and can cause vibrations of components of the electronic of ballast.

Coil or coils (inductors) to the Suppression of electromagnetic interference, some of the small transformers in the lamps, which transform the supplied AC voltage to the required value are partly affected. The windings of these transformers can seem like a small speaker for the 100-Hertz current peaks. You are indeed soaked with paints or resins, to prevent such effects; not fully succeed but, depending on the strength of the current peaks or due to manufacturing tolerances. Partly also the capacitors to buffer of the power supply type noises.

Depending on the type of lamp, in which a LED lamp is fitted, this effect can be enhanced or diminished. Quieter, it is often when the lamp has lit up a while and is operating temperature. The varnish/resin are then slightly softer and dampen any better.

Overhead increases the risk

In short: the elaborate, EMC interference-free and long-lasting an LED electronic system is built, the greater the potential risk for unwanted noise is (the whirring/buzzing itself does not reduce the lifetime of the lamp). And a collection of such components revealed when looking into the base of a modern LED brand lamp, how would more likely suggest it in a complete cell phone or a mini drone and not in a thing that only light can.
The “gestrippte” OSRAM-spot from a different perspective. On the bottom, also some microchips Potter – the lamp base is literally crammed with electronics. In the background the Board out of the head of the lamp with three LED chips.

From this point of view, each of these high-techmarvels should whirring, buzzing or humming. It is not always and everywhere. On demand, the OSRAM Press Office told me that the effect of many factors is dependent on. The construction of the dimmer play a role, of course, but also the length of the power cables and the type of light. The interpretation of home electronics, however, had little impact. Noise may occur for both new and older installations. An accurate forecast is not possible because on-site depends very much of the random.

Voltage “Lamp replacement nights”

We hold: the industry especially with dimmable LED lamps cannot guarantee, that it exactly at home shine you without background noise. This opens up new communication possibilities: establish yet “lamp exchange rings” at the place with “LED-test evenings” in different households. Everyone brings the lamps, which zoom at home with him, tried, whether they do it somewhere else, and the lights from there to test taking in return home. This is fun, provides for socializing and excitement. Maybe later each participant has only “silent” lamps in the House only a few months.

Thank you, enough laughed, we do prefer otherwise. Namely, any reputable manufacturer without withdrawing buzzing/humming LED lamps within the warranty period. At OSRAM, for example, that can be up to four years. Although just what of “Dropouts light because of a product defect” is there in the guarantee conditions. The press office has given me but assured that return with acoustic abnormalities may be possible. Porto go but once charged, will be refunded but subsequently – and there is also a new lamp.

Philips writes to the random elegant 

Premium“Retrofit”manufacturers LEDON handles that as expected, similar to, but want to be called before a return. At Philips, that could be slightly more difficult. Here you write under a list of dimmers tested with Philips Lighting:

It may lead to in individual cases on the basis of technical specifications (E.g. drivers, wiring, circuit, etc.) that a specific combination of dimmer and LED light does not work. Philips acquires therefore neither a guarantee or warranty that a specific combination of dimmer and LED working lamp in each individual case, nor assumes any liability for any damage that may result from the application of the information displayed here Philips.

I translate the times similar to like at OSRAM: “whether it works depends on luck.” The standard warranty (pdf-Download) runs two years here, there’s also a three-week “money back guarantee” in the Philips Online Shop. This time should be enough actually to keep an ear bulb times on it.

If they bought the buzzing LED lamp in a store or manufacturer unbound online shop, an Exchange should be also possible. Finally, yes the seller is their direct contract partner and not the manufacturer of the product. No serious opponents in the light industry can afford in the long term, to keep, even if there should be only one standing annoyed LED buyers in the rain. So what would be ‘ speak out, for example, in the reviews of consumer portals and online sales platforms- and even here in this blog.

(Disclaimer: in the production of this post the shown Dimmable OSRAM LED spot came to irreparably damage.) He will never again WHIR – and also no longer shine. If someone – from Munich or anywhere else – will donate a copy, which still lights up and no buzzes, please send – to the address given in the imprint thank you!)