The Latest Fashion Apps

To keep organized their wardrobe, get style tips, optimize shopping, take inspiration and keep up to date on the world of fashion news here is the best fashion apps you have on your smartphone.

Take pictures, shoot video, to express their state of mind and then share it all on the net. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, fashion knows it and not fall behind. Every brand, from Dolce & Gabbana to Zara , has its application in which makes available its catalog with the inevitable the “online shop”. But this is only the form “base”, there are applications for practically anything. You want to organize your wardrobe? There StyleBook. Want to see the last Chanel fashion show? You must Download The Cat On Runaway. Love the low cost fashion? Glamour Personal Shopper for you. Want to keep a list of shopping to do? Fashion Diary is made ​​for this. End here? Absolutely not, read on and pick your fashion favorite apps!

Who has not happened to try a shirt or a pair of pants in your closet but do not find it? Thefreegeography allows you to organize your wardrobe. This  catalog your garments to fabric, color, brand or price and is equipped with a calendar with which you can plan what to wear for a special occasion.

Cut in on the runaway are all the latest fashion shows as well as an archive with those of past years with backstage, pictures of models, designers and celebrities. In addition, the Hit and miss function allows you to vote for your favorite look on a Top100 while Lookfinder can look for a dress by type, designers, etc. season.

Glamour Personal Shopper offers low cost outfits and indicates the store nearest to your home, where to buy it. In your profile you can upload photos of look, detail and leaders, addresses of your favorite places to shop and share them with communtity.

Fashion Diary is both magazine and personal agenda of fashion. And ‘possible to create a set of categories within which to insert what you have in the closet (without excluding the beauty section) and have a calendar of events in which to participate. The application monitors your style telling you how it is changing and creates a static of brands from which will provide, in addition to the shopping list to keep in mind what to buy and where.

All of your favorite stores, all in one place. ShopStyle brings together all the top fashion brands to help you find that special outfit or those shoes you’ve been searching for a life. Looking for an emerald green belt with white polka dots dress? Well just use the search engine within the app for find out that somewhere in the world, someone thought to design that dress. Plus you’ll always be up to date on the status of balances.

He could miss the app object racked up more of the world? Of course not. IShoes boasts an assortment of 50000 pairs of shoes. The app is great for research shoes with specific features beforehand, just enter a description of what we look for on the search engine and you’re done! Select the shoes, find out all the details, the store that sells them and add it to your favorites. With the app you can also buy shoes choices by accessing the shopping section of the retailer’s site, create a wishlist and post everything on Facebook.

Finally for lovers of fashion low cost app of low cost chain par excellence. H & M makes available for your smartphone news, videos of advertising campaigns, the leaders present in the store and of course his catalog. You can find out what the store closest to you, receive instant alerts on your store’s offerings area and create a list of favorite pieces, everything connected to your social networks.