The Itinerary Now Works at Apple Watch

Now you can use Apple’s smartwatch in interaction with the Travel Plan app and get directions directly on the wrist.

Do you have an Apple Watch you can now get rid of that fish the phone up the Pocket when navigating through the city with the Travel Plan app.

Download for the latest version of the itinerary, you can see where the nearest bus stops are located, or save a route, then you have the right at the wrist. In case of changes on the route, this information can also be transferred on to the wrist.

You release, however, not entirely for having the mobile phone’s keys, you must open the Travel Plan app on the phone, before the Watch application works on the clock.
The function is not quite new, for it has been in existence since June, where the itinerary quietly launched an extension of the app to Apple’s wearable.

Travel plan’s product manager, Birgitte Woolridge, hoping thereby to Danes ‘ transport with public transport will be even simpler and watching Apple’s smartwatch as the best solution to the wrist today.

“We’re looking all the time on how to easily and simply gives information about travelling by public transport. Here’s Apple’s clock is currently the best bet on the smartwatch-front, and here gives info about travel and navigation really sense. “explains Koval Woolridge in a press release.

The itinerary has been downloaded 2 million times and is to find for both Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. You can download the latest version of the app here.