The Interface Ice Cream Sandwich Home to The Galaxy Tablet Note in Video

The first thing you ask yourself when you have a Galaxy Note between the toes is if it’s really a phone, or if on the contrary it is a tablet, or a perfect mix of both. Samsung knows this and, while advertise it in both ways, the interface that has is an Android smartphone. Until now.

And it is from RootGalaxyNote, they have ported the graphical interface of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which comes with Android tablets to the Galaxy Note. This functionality, which I had seen before for the Galaxy Nexus, makes sense with the powerhouse of Samsung, due to its size and high resolution.

This custom ROM, which you can download from the below download link enables the Galaxy Note run completely as a tablet, without any difference, and includes the most essential of Google applications.

East “ mode tablet ” is contained in its own ROM, called Imilka, is usable in most aspects. This is why there is no way yet to use this interface from an official ROM, mainly because there is still no ICS in for Galaxy Note. We leave you with the video that you can see it at full capacity.