The Importance of the Look

Eyebrows are high. The shape of the eyebrow is powerful in time to soften and enhance the look. In today’s article we want to teach you some very simple tips and tricks, but that will make all the difference in your look, plus let you more beautiful and attractive.

No marks! Don’t make the lines (which begin to manifest around the eyes and transform into wrinkles) and expression marks. Choose products recognized with powerful assets and apply on the skin clean and dry.
The victims of dark circles cannot give up the concealer. But keep an eye: the cosmetics of heavy texture leave obvious marks of correction in mature skin. In the deep dark circles, apply concealer on the inner corners of the eyes, where there are more pigment, not to show.

As eyebrows are an important part of our eyes, the shape of the eyebrow can be powerful in time to soften and enhance the look. Here are some tips and know the importance of looking:

  • Don’t let your arched design, because the look is hard;
  • If shaved too much and don’t know how to use pencil, esfumace dark shadow on;
  • Balance design, keeping the inside corners more filled by at least 1 cm of extension;
  • Shimmery shadow applied close to by at the bottom of half the length until the end, thins the eyebrow;
  • A look more alive, the news is a technique with botulinum toxin, with application in time of the upper lashes and in the lower eyelids, which corrects drooping eyelids.