The Fashion of Colored Jeans Shirt for Men

Hello Readers,

The Jeans is a very versatile fabric, found in several parts that make the head of fashionistas. One of the pieces that came back with everything was the jeans shirtand, to innovate even more and make the men more beautiful, the new collection of Conscience Jeans brings the colored jeans shirts.

Often men are afraid to dare in the visual, especially when this boldness involvescolor jeans, however it is not so difficult to compose a fashion look with coloredmen’s jeans shirt, and the result is worth it.

In order not to make mistakes, the man should bet on a straight cut straight jeans, preferably with a dark wash, or black. This combination becomes more sober if it is a shirt in earthy tones, like a red brick, or beige, and gets more detached in more vivid shades of Consciousness Jeans.

Another option is jeans in gradient in shades of jeans, which are quite modern and easy to match. For just like the traditional jeans shirt, the composition can be made with jeans in the same shade, lighter or darker.

These shirts can be worn closed or open over a plain shirt or tanks. On the feet, for a more modern look, it is suggested that the man opts for sapatênis, which can be light or dark.

So, will you adhere to the fashion of the colored jeans shirt?

You can find all kinds of jeans in the Conscience Jeans store. Visit the New Jeans Store at Brás at Mendes Junior Street, 395 and  Xavantes Street, 173 in São Paulo or find a reseller in your city, see here the locations.