The Drivers of The Sony Xperia S Are Released to AOSP

We remember when a few weeks ago it announced that the Sony Xperia S would receive the support of a ROM in the Android Open Source Project project, AOSP aka and the source of all the code in Android that we enjoy today. It would not be the official ROM from Sony, but one that the community provides as a stable and effective.

But even if the bootloader is fairly unlockable, which allows the installation of modified ROMs, something necessary to take forward this project, was still missing one thing, and it is that you could take advantage of hardware and software that contains.

Is for this reason that the need of the drivers It is an imperative so that they may enjoy that privilege that granted them. Luckily have decided to do their homework and free drivers requiring developers to meet with the project.

This will cause not only improve ROM which AOSP will support, but all the ROMs that are made for this device, which is getting a remarkable sales figures. A movement that will appreciate, but which still has that sense of being forced to do so.

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