The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXV)

That that time ande bounced and you the readers, are each from a different country where the temperature has nothing to do (or other) that we have here in Spain (I write from Madrid, specifically) is seeing some of the street-style of this week is we put, to which we are moving more cold , the willies because seems to be that There are still who refuses to save the summer in the closet. So we have for all tastes and colors: from the point in the thicker version until some daring that still think that shirt and Suspenders are a good bet for the weekend output.

For all and none, one more week here comes the best street-style of the website for all the mensencios who wish to acquire new and fresh ideas that dazzle in their day to day. ALE, along with the outfits.

As I’ve said, the point remains one of the big bets for this fall-winter and is presented to us in many different formats: from the finest point in jerseys and cardigans to the jacquard for most unlikely items. Something for everyone.

Pictures and geometric prints they are the other option of the winter if we want to escape from the bands own point. The lumberjack style, added to the boom that has lately fabric denim in this type of joint makes a fairly extended style settle although I do not think that it is more suitable for cold climates. Even so, brands such as Pull and Bear and Springfield are still supplying us even in the month of December.

Sweatshirts, pants, sneakers & #8230; a multitude of options to combat the cold in the way most sport. The pads are one of the strongest bets along with military style which we will discuss later. With him we not only get a contrast of textures, but that it is also a tissue that pretty dress and gets very curious effects in styles.

One of my favorite for the month of November styles: military aesthetics, especially reflected in parkas, jackets, the bombers and the Dr. Martens are one more than interesting option because at the same time harboring we got a different look, with strokes vintage and quite out of the ordinary. If we can smooth it with something more discrete items such as Zara raincoats, We will obtain a curious set.

Half way between one and the other, we find this look. The Harrington It has become fashionable and as such we can combine it with polos, shirts or t-shirts, as well as with some Chinese or jeans. The versatility of this garment attached to its interior print in tartan, makes it an ideal complement to warm for the colder months.

The shoulder straps they are other add-ins star this season along with the bow ties, although certainly with cold gluing is quite difficult to take them as in the photo of the figure. Ideally would be to combine them with a bow tie or a tie and indoor, but we know that there are bold on all sides.

Finally, the more casual looks-based shirts and jeans are still the big winners for the elegant outfits seeking informality. Pastel tones (quite welcomed by collections for this season) and Cowboys, in which the oversized continues triumphing despite the passage of time.

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