The 6 Best Smart TV of 2017

Are you looking for the best Smart TV? Here you will find a special selection of different models with features of the most varied so that you can choose the tablet that best suits what you are looking for.

The 6 Best Smart TV of 2017

Samsung Smart Tv In Black

Modern Samsung TV with Smart TV in black color.This TV shows very sharp and detailed images. At some point you will even think that you have glued to the screen or you are looking out of a window. It is a television with a great luminosity and a powerful motor of characteristics Quad Core. It has normal, dynamic, cinematic, true cinema and user modes so you can enjoy many more features.

The sound quality is very good because it has a good built-in speakers and also features user modes, ambient music, music and standard mode. This TV also has a web browser and with Wi-Fi and bluetooth technology, screen display and common interface, according to localbusinessexplorer. It also has an electronic programming guide and its design is nice and modern, with metallic silver finishes combined with black, beautiful and elegant.

Smart Philips Televisions

This 32-inch Philips Smart TV has a commoninterface and comes with built-in speakers. It also includes a channel bus and PC audio input mode. It also has a screen display and an electronic programming guide. It comes with an integrated on/off switch and a remote control. In addition, digital content is especially protected.

It has a large bandwidth, comes with a desktop stand and a warranty card. It also has teletext, and with timer on and off. It also comes with a very practical rear Euroconnector. The picture quality of this television is very high for the economical of its price, and in conclusion it is a television that is worth in value for money.

Smart Tv Lg Full Hd

LG Smart TV with Full HD technology. This television has a quality led panel thanks to which you can watch the TV with total quality and without losing any luminosity. The full HD resolution is of high quality and also features HDMI, USB, Euroconnector connections as well as audio and video inputs from the classic ones. It also has auricolares output, digital sound and a card slot.

This television has a very complete and detailed image and there are different modes of image. The sound is also quality and can be programmed and from the USB port you can watch videos, listen to music or view images from USB or hard disks. The negative point of this television is that it does not have instructions in Spanish and the technical characteristics that it presents are not completely clear.

Hitachi Full Hd Tv

Quality television, Hitachi brand, and Full HD quality. This television features common interface, speakers and a programming guide. It also comes with a stand for the desktop and with a warranty card. Includes bluetooth and a special vertical viewing angle with 178º. It has a  great image quality.

It also has a very fast browser and the  handling is simple and very intuitive. This television is also compatible with HDCP and HDMI. It includes a high quality speaker and a sound that will be as good and real as the display of the images. It also has the option to dock any USB to view its contents. Its graphics are very good for games and for any type of film, image or document.

Panasonic Smart Tv

Special Panasonic TV with Smart TV and 4K features. This spectacular television with 800 Hz of power, integrated Wifi and very modern features, with 3D and at a price that is worth, is a great choice. It is a television with a very good picture quality, with 55 inches of television.

The sound is also good to come from built-in speakers and the applications are pretty good. This is a good Panasonic TV, highly recommended and with many quality features. The value-for-money ratio is really good. The 4k picture quality is superior and comes with two USB ports and a port for internet, in addition to having Wi-Fi.

Samsung Curve With Smart Tv

Television curved Samsung brand. This state-of-the-art television includes common interface, included speakers, comes with auto-channel search and auto-off. It also has on-screen display and comes with a programming guide. Includes internet, power and off switch, remote control and even local dimming.

This TV also comes with a special desktop support, includes teletext and voice control and iscompatible with 3D. Thanks to these special features, with this new smart tv you can connect to all your devices using your television on many more occasions, transmitting the contents of your mobile or table to your TV etc. In addition, it has a large number of applications specially designed so that you can improve your TV experience and spend quality time, much more complete, enjoying your new TV with Smart TV.

Tips For Buying A Cheap Smart Tv

Are you determined to purchase a new smart tv to enjoy all of its speed, its spectacular image and sound resolutions and its multiple compatibility options? If so, you should take into account some points if you want to get right with your purchase.

First you have to understand that a television with smart tv is a “connected” device. So, when buying a TV with these characteristics, you should value that through this television will be reproduced content from different sources, optimizing the use and connecting with your different mobile devices, through an internet connection.In addition will install applications that will be designed for this TV. With this new television you will be able to enter social networks or look at the sources. On the other hand, as you go to buy a television new should assess some of the features of modern televisions, such as to comply with soda, having  support HDR, have tuner DVB2, come with HDCP 2.2 and HEVC and carry option HDMI 2.0.

The HDMI 2.0  will be on your television. The TV of your choice should also have HDCP 2.2 since otherwise we will not be able to reproduce certain contents. As well as interesting is also that present  HEVC,  to be able to access all  the streaming content correctly.

The DBV2 tuner will also be important for the TV to be compatible when switching from standard. And ultimately, your television should have HDR support to be able to see all the images well, brightly and with many colors.

You should also rate between 4K and Full HD and also take into account the sound quality of the television, as well as the size or performance of the same.