Technology and Decoration: Innovations Reach New Spaces

Decoration-integrated technology can offer more comfort and practicality than you think. The devices are becoming increasingly effective, functional and, thus, if they incorporate the daily life through items that traditionally wouldn’t count on technological resources.

More and more manufacturers are investing in home automation technologies, leading integration and sustainability into the House with all the comfort needed. With this, we have selected some items that make the environment more high-tech, check out:

  1. the desk lamp Fall, the Decameron, design by William Wentz, a touch driven: just touch the metal part for connecting or disconnecting the luminaire.
  2. the Gold Phantom, the Devialet, is considered the most powerful and precise gadget in the world. With 4,500 watts of power and delivering zero audio distortion between 14 Hz and 27kHz, zero saturation and zero background noise.
  3. the Couch C120, of Carbon, has a lateral support, which serves to connect iPad, iPod and laptop. It also has a decoration LED lamp, dimmed at the touch of the finger, with touch, allowing you to control the intensity of the light.
  4. the luminaire Poppy Table, the FAS Lighting, is produced with bi-metal, a material that warms with the light and heat dilates, ensuring open and closed flower print.
  5. the Cleantec, Eliane Coatings, is invisible to the naked eye technology, applied to the ceramic tiles of the mark, which reduces the growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that cause odor, stain or mold, and thus becomes a major ally in the combat of allergic diseases. She works in a process similar to photosynthesis, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  6. the Steam Shower Panel of Unique Spa for Interbagno, has ten vertical hydromassage jets, wet sauna with time and temperature control, cromaterapia, touch screen control panel, among other functions.
  7. Bistro line Tech, Docol, Docol Presence technology, which allows the drive by touch (touch) and closes the water flow after 90 seconds, contributing to the economy of water.
  8. the Noocity Growpocket, the Hometeka, has a fabric that has a auto-irrigação system. It was designed to ensure oxygenation of the soil and excess water drainage and has a waterproof layer, which prevents water from reaching the wall (external and internally).