Technical Problems Take Site of the Free Sound Music Air

Initiative Som Livre label to try to increase sales of music legalized digital, website Listen is in serious trouble. He was released in February this year with a lot of advertising mainly in print, according to the See Radar, but was already inaccessible to users.

The Listen seems to have a structural problem. To access it, the user is met with a message that says “face technical problems and we temporarily turned off.” The is provided for those who need help.

The Som Livre did not speak openly about it. Some people criticize the decision of the company, the largest distributor in Brazil CDs, launching a service in full in 2011 with strong DRM protection. In turn, the great advantage of Listen (when released) was to provide access to legalized music either on the computer or on mobile devices. Apparently, the technology to do so was not quite ready to get on the air.