TDC Puts the Price up

General price increases across the Board from 1. January.

It is otherwise something of a sjælenthed in the mobile industry, but TDC announced general price rises per 1. January 2014 for a wide range of telecommunications company’s products.

For example, increasing TDC mobile broadband Tablet 5 GB 149 kroner to subscriptions from 163 kroner equivalent to a price increase of 9.3 percent. Another subscription Mobile package 2hours/3 GB rises from 229 kronor to 244 kroner equivalent to a price increase of 6.5 percent.

As a justification for price increases writes TDC on his website that the TDC is forced to be profitable in order to be able to make investments the company’s network. TDC mention in this context that the phone company in 2013 alone has invested more than three billion in the network, and that the company towards 2020 has planned investments of up to 25 billion dollars.