Tattoo Jewelry

Tattoo jewelry, here is the new trend of precious designs on the skin. For spring summer 2015 the jewel is applied directly on the skin as a temporary tattoo: the subjects are extremely varied, but they all look like real gems printed on the skin.

Here is one of the most interesting beauty trends spring summer 2015. Are tiny removable tattoos, non-permanent, which then declined in gold and silver look like real jewels etched on your skin. Can take many forms, they are easy to apply and remove and have colors that highlight your Tan.

Here come the nice days and our cm of skin begin to discover itself: it’s no coincidence with the arrival of the Sun also comes the desire for a new tattoo to beautify your complexion! The jewel tattoos are the perfect compromise because they are also suitable for those who are not quite convinced you want to tattoo something on your own skin and stand and with absolute simplicity.

Are tattoos that depict real jewelry on the skin and usually, not surprisingly, are produced in colors of gold. Apply as mere temporary tattoos and must be removed after 5 days because, as you might imagine, especially in the summer tend to be damaged.

Actually this is not a brand-new trend because already some summer does the brand Stroili Oro had launched a similar idea, a collection of jewelry stickers to be applied on the skin, but also Diorin 2012 he paraded on the runways models showed off real jewel stickers. This year, however, the tattoo jewel is literally a trend already popular celebrities on the red carpet and already beloved by fashion addicted, they began to wear on her wrists.

There are so many subjects, ranging from classic jewelry, then bracelets and rings, tribal motifs, geometrical and trompe-l’oeil. You have never had the courage to tatuarvi? Then try out these tattoo! You can find them from Stroili and in many online stores; even Pupa has launched an entire collection. Waiting to decide please take a look at our gallery!