Take Good Care of Your Plant with the Vessel

In addition to the tractional versions, the planters are suitable for larger plants, and cachepots, for growing indoors. Learn all about the products!

They bring life and joy to the environment and also help to purify the air of the house. Plants and flowers are also certainly fundamental for decoration of the rooms, especially if they are in beautiful vases, cachepots or dungarees.

With so many models, it is common you get questions about which product to choose to best accommodate your plan. If you choose to crop species that grow little, stick with the common vessels made from ceramic materials, plastic, glass, metal and coconut fiber. The products can be used both on the ground and on walls with the aid of a suitable support.

If you grow larger species or want to plant different flowers in one piece, the ideal is to take home the bib, type of vessel with larger structure, compared to the traditional model. Aware of the different needs of its customers, there are medium versions, large and extra-large, with designs and colors to suit all tastes.

For those who like to enjoy the benefits of plants and flowers indoors, it is recommended to use cachepots, decorative pieces that accommodate the vessels. Different from traditional vessels, they have no holes; therefore, prevent water from spreading through the rooms. Remember that you can not plant directly in cachepot, plant or buy a simple pot and place the pot into the open basket.

Have you noticed that here you will find everything you need, right? In addition to the variety of products, the online shop guarantees the lowest market prices. Between check and good shopping!

Gardening and its therapeutic effect

Not enough benefits related to decoration and improved air quality, the flowers and plants also have therapeutic effect. They are capable of well-being awake and reduce stress.

The practice of gardening also controls anxiety. In addition, it is often a delicate activity that care of plants and flowers helps increase patience and concentration. Is that you? It is waiting for you to start right now to practice gardening? The benefits are numerous.