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Ben Hill on The Cover of Elle Men of Mexico

Not very many men’s fashion paper publications, although those that exist tend to be quite acceptable. However (and forgive my ignorance), until today I have not discovered the existence of a Mexican publication of Men Elle. The first contact I had could not be better, since the model appears in the November issue Ben Hill with one military coats in the Super collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Burberry Prorsum. Continue reading

Tailored Trousers from Sartoria Corcos-Part II

Last week, you could read about when we wrote about the tailor’s Sartoria Corcos from Florence. We outlined the process when two pairs of pants were sewn up by the company’s skilled tailors Kotaro Miyahira. After a number of testing landed to finish the pants at the home of the author who today will share their personal experiences and thoughts on the outcome. Continue reading

Latest Fashion Tips for Ladies

If you expected a 2016 fashion irreverent as we have seen in recent years, can come later. This will be the most conservative and traditional fashion period ever seen. There is a post modernism abandonment in fashion and a strong tendency to return to the classics for inspiration in the high couture of the last century and the traditional and minimalist walking quite at hand. You can drop a little extravagance and stay with the traditional.

Fashion Tips 2016 for the Use of Jeans

After the strong wave of colored jeans, one of the biggest bets among the 2016 fashion tips is the traditional jeans wash. Blue jeans 70s style back with everything in at least five shows last fashion week. The focus on traditional washing is so strong that the giant TNG launched an entire collection based on the past with luxury and modern cuts.

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Essential Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Choose an outfit in the morning can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have much time or when, somehow, it seems that anything looks good on your body. However, there are some essential items of clothing that you can have in your closet that can make that stress be a lot smaller. So, check out some of these essential items for you to update your wardrobe:

White shirt

The white shirt is one of the essential items in every woman’s wardrobe. You can have a more acinturada to work and another longer for weekends. They can be combined with jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts.

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Balenciaga Collection for Spring Summer

Practical, simple, very feminine collection that Balenciaga sent on stage at the fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week for next spring-summer 2013. These days, in fact, and until 3 October the French capital will host the season ‘s fashion presentations for the upcoming warm season: after the runways of New York Fashion Week, after making a balance in London for fashion week English and after following with attention and interest the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week Here we arrived in Paris, where the reality of Balenciaga back into vogue masculine style woman’s wardrobe.

The fashion brand had already expressed about next season’s hot trend: we saw an advance of his style on the occasion of the presentation of the 2013 Resort collection for Balenciaga, a line full of drapes and soft lines, they were going to complete with care and extreme femininity of women’s wardrobe of next summer. Continue reading

Why are Yoga Pants So Popular

Remember black pants? Heck, remember the jeans? Those were the good old days. Now that you’re a mom, yoga pants are much more essential to your wardrobe of one of those old staples.

Below I detail why your Lululemons (and by that I mean the target yoga pants tell you all are Lululemon) are your unique fashion accessory of the largest maternity. Even more important than your diaper bag.

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Fashion Tips for Women with Big Breasts

While having large breasts can be the wish of many women, there are some things in the reality of everyday life that can be inconvenient. Women with larger bust live divided between dressing in the best way in trends and be careful not to choose a piece of clothing that does not value the body.
There are some fashion tips for women that can be followed to minimize the size of the breasts, or highlight it so that they stay within the latest fashion trends. If you have large breasts and wants to use the sets in your favor, check out a few of them:

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How to Dress a Pear Type Body?

What to wear when you have a morphology A?

Morphology A, also named pyramid, is most common in women. You make you as part if you have the top of the menu body (shoulders, chest, abdomen) and plump buttocks and hips, so hip width exceeds that of the shoulders. This silhouette is very feminine judging by the “sexiness” of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez but it is still necessary to know well the dress. The purpose of dressing the pyramid morphologies is to harmonize the silhouette by drawing attention to the upper body and concealing the shapely bottom. Follow our morphologies and fashion advice for A.

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